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They snuck into the movie theater. First, Jae and Nari, then the guys went in one by one in the best disguise they could come up with. Each of them giggling at the others get up but they got in without being noticed. They met the noonas in the balcony. Jae had texted SeHun saying no one was up there. As soon as they were all up there, Xiumin closed it off to be sure that no one else went up. SeHun and Jae made themselves comfortable on the top row in the center. So him and Chen took the second row center with Nari. Xiumin took a seat in the middle of the two. Chen asked this noona about her work, how she liked it, if it was difficult, if she had any funny stories. She answered everything she could. “I really enjoy my work. I've been doing it since I graduated from high school. I used to do people's hair and makeup while I was in high school. It was just something I liked doing.” She said, “As far as stories go, I can't think of any. Other than that time a performer was sweating so much that he wiped his face and smeared his eyeliner. We tried to get his attention to come off stage but he ignored us. He performed with his eyeliner smeared across his face like this…” she drew a line across her face from eye to the other, going over her nose, “Then he made it worse when he rubbed his eye. Oh my god, I was dying but others thought it was funny.” Chen and Xiumin looked at one another and at the same time, “Baek.” They said together and laughed. “Oh no, it was no one from your group.” She said right away. “No. He did that once. We tried to tell him but he just kept going, saying something about finishing the show for the fans. Junmyeon had to pull him off stage to get it fixed.” Xiumin said, he was smiling so big his back teeth was showing. Nari liked how he smiled. It was sweet, borderline childlike. Chen was smiling next to him, she thought he was pretty adorable too. She wasn't sure if she was on a date with Xiumin or with Chen, they were giving her so much attention. She tried not to think about it and just enjoyed the night. When the movie started they settled back in their seats. Xiumin sat nervously, he would glance down at Nari’s hands sitting neatly folded in her lap. It'd been a long time since he held a girl's hand. He forgot how small and delicate some girl's hands were, their slender fingers, the way their nails felt against his skin. He shifted getting goosebumps from his neck down his back. He happen to look over at Chen when Chen crossed his legs wrapping his hands around his knee. He thought about how soft and warm Chen’s hands were, how he liked holding them. He was always trying to get Chen to hold hands but his Chen Chen would get shy, his face turning pinkish as he turned his head away smiling. He lived to make Chen turn shy. Chen glanced at Xiumin and seen him staring down at his hands. He smiled and continued watching the movie. Every now and then, he'd see Xiumin moving from one side to the other. Not knowing what to do with his arms and hands. Xiumin stretched, his arms rising high into the air that it made his shirt lift up, exposing his tummy. Chen pressed his lips together at the sight of that. Chen often fantasized about Xiumin hyungs body, he was perfect, he was sometimes jealous about it. He was more than often jealous of others seeing him shirtless. It was something he couldn't understand about his feelings. Why he felt that way. He leaned over in Xiumin's direction, letting his head relax against the top of the seat, before he knew it, Xiumin's hand come up and pulled his head onto his shoulder. Chen smiled a little, it was comfortable.

Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (5)

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