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Hello Royal Family! For this episode of OneJunn Tueday, it is future concept! I have been thinking about this and I can see OneJunn being a spy. I can see him trying to get all of Boys Republic on his side to take over the Korean Music industry.
He would start with.....
Minsu by being funny and doing selfie posts all the time, with him. Minsu really loves selfies! He would get....
Suwoong by using his skill of cooking to feed him and tell him he can dress in his favorite outfit the banana all the time. Next he will need to work on.......
Sungjun by telling him, that McDonald's will have a gym in it, for them to work out at all the time. He can have all that he wants to eat, while working out. Now the real challenge will come next. How will he convince the last member to join......
He has conviced Sunwoo, by letting him use this sign as their secret sign. Yes now that he has his team together, it now time to dance and sing and take over the Korean Music Industry!
Yes, this was a success. They are now working on taking over the industry! I must say they have taken over my heart with the craziness they do! OneJunn you are such a great leader and you have such a great team of spies! I hope you enjoyed! See you next time, until then stay Royal!

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Ok but I can totally see OneJunn as a spy!!
I know right. I can see him being mischievous and planning. 😂