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Hello again lovelies! I'm back for part 2 of of what I love about Minhyun and Sungwoon card. This time it's my baby's Sungwoon's turn.
Sungwoon oh my gosh is just pure innocence, well sometimes, and is ball of sunshine. He is a wild child at times though and knows how to be goofy and fun. He is such a mood maker and always knows how to have fun and brighten the mood. He can make anyone laugh. He's such a sweetheart and very modest as well.
His voice. I was blown away by this boys voice when I first heard it and fell in love with his voice instantly! He's got such a powerful voice but it's so calming and soothing. I could just listen to him sing 24/7 and relax without any problem. He's also got a very distinct and one of a kind voice I could pick out instantly.
I love hearing him sing Dean also but I can't help but to laugh at going on!
Oh how this song brings me to tears! Now I look at Sungwoon to be more on the cute side but he has no problem reminding me that he can, and will be, sexy and handsome at times. And every time he does I die.
Now that wasn't too bad...thankfully cause I'm still trying to recover from part 1. I hope you all enjoyed part 2 as much as you did part 1. Until next time~