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congrats to @EmilyPeacock!

again great to have you a part of this! I also can't wait to see what cards we'll have to show to the community!

I'll also be posting later of the cards i'll be posting for you all!

I also did take a few people off my list previous to my original, if you guys like to be added or removed please let me know!

Emily is also allowed to use my tag list as well if she so desires, if she wants to use them for just the game cards thats fine too but its up to her if she wants to....if you do not want her to tagg you in her post then please let us know :) thank you all so much and we'll see you again tomorrow.

Pokémon Tag Crew!

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
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{R }- @Riethu
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