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Hello B2UTY! It's Melissa with my member and support Introduction. First, I want to thank @Helixx for letting stay on her team. I'm going to introduce the Beast member that I'll be supporting this quarter. I'll be introducing Doojoon first, then share some things about myself. Doojoon is the leader of Beast/Highlight. I'll be bringing Doojoon to you all every Saturday.

Yoon Doo-joon was born in Goyang, South Korea on July 4, 1989.[1] His dream of becoming a high school Physical Education teacher changed suddenly during his second year of high school after watching MTV's Big Bang Documentary. His parents and teachers didn't agree with him at first. However, he pleaded them to register him for Music school and he soon started auditioning to become a singer.[2] Doojoon then became a trainee of JYP Entertainment and was featured in the Mnet documentary Hot Blooded Men, a reality program that shows the preparation for their debut, with 2AM and 2PM, but he was eliminated along the course of the show.[3] He then moved to Cube Entertainment and was featured as a rapper in AJ's "Wipe the Tears".[4] After his debut with the group, he became part of Danbi[5] and debuted as an actor through More Charming by the Day and All My Love.[6] He finally debuted as the leader of Beast.[4] Their journey leading up to debut was showcased in their MTV documentary MTV B2ST.[7] He graduated from Kyung Hee Cyber University in post-modern musicology. He currently attends Dongshin University as a student majoring in Broadcast Entertainment, under a full scholarship, along with 4 other members of Beast. Credit source: Wikipedia

Even though Doojoon is the leader, he is known for his sense of humor. I think he can be very silly and crazy funny.

Now for my Introduction
As I mentioned before, my name is Melissa. I was born and raised in Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi, TX. I currently live in Waco, TX.
I work for manufacturing plant called Trane. I've worked now for 17 years.

My hobbies include reading, I love reading. I've been reading more fan fiction, but still enjoy reading paranormal romances.

Crotcheting is another hobby I love doing. I haven't done crotcheting as much as I used to.

Fan Fiction writing is something I just recently started dabbling in. I'm a work in progress stage in my writing skills.

Photo editing is another hobby I recently started. I love making covers and gifs for my cards and for my teams if they need them.

Besides being a huge kpop fan, I'm also a huge WWE fan. Fin Balor is one of my current favorites.

Well that's basically who I am. Please look forward to learning more about Doojoon as the quarter moves on.

I'm looking forward to your Doojoon cards Melissa.