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So I just started the manga and was wondering if it was already finished or if it releases weekly/monthly??!? And if its still ongoing, can someone tell me when it releases each week/month. Thanks in advance my fellow otaku's!!! ☺️☺️
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There are two manga of OPM. The one based on the art style based on the anime (same guy who did eyeshield 21) comes out weekly. And the original one that the fore mentioned was based off of hasn't had a release in a while. But it is alot further in the story. The art is not the same between both manga.
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I honestly don't know. I read all my manga once a month on a Saturday. Same author for both manga and anime. The original manga was drawn by the author. And the art style would not have been popular in most peoples eyes so they switched artists. You will understand when you read it.