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This was supposed to be a one shot but it became a story on it's own. Rapmonster stans might be upset. I took a different twist to this. Try not to see the Asian male stars in this story as who they are in real life.

"This is some bullshit Kim Namjoon!" I scream at my lungs trying not to punch Namjoon.

"Look I wasn't sure if that baby was mine."

"You supposed to be a genius, yet you are so fucking stupid! The DNA results says the baby is yours!"

"Look Jimin and I were both fucking you it could have been his child too. Besides, you never confirmed you and I were a couple." Namjoon said while rubbing his eyebrows.

"With all due respect Namjoon all did have a conversation. I was there. It went like whoever the father of the child is Jasmine would be with to start a family. That is when we found out you were the father. So...." Jimin said.

"Jimin shut the fuck up bro nobody asked you." Namjoon said.

"No you are fucking wrong bro. You have a beautiful child with Jasmine and you out here fucking other bitches. I prayed that baby was mine."

"Well then be the daddy. I'm not ready to be a father!" Namjoon said

"You were asking to be a father the day you and I agreed to have sex with her. You need to man up." Jimin took the wine bottle away from Namjoon.

"Who are you to lecture me?" Namjoon grabbed the wine bottle.

"Look at you a loser and a fucking drunk." Jimin said.

I watched as the two yelled back and forth. I'm a mother now. I have to worry about my baby girl and what is right for her. I don't want her to grow up thinking her mother chased men down. I could feel the tear involuntarily coming and my crying made the two stop.

"Baby girl why you crying." Namjoon said while reaching to wipe my tears.

"Look this is the last time you will see me cry. These are tears of anger and I don't need your pity! I have a daughter with you Kim Namjoon and she will be good with or without you!" I grabbed my bag and left.

3 years later

I have been working non stop at the office. It was tough being Vice President of the SWaG R Us Company and having to see Namjoon everyday. He was CEO. Many times he would try to get back with me even when I made it clear that I'm only going to acknowledge his presence if it has to do with our child or work.

He has not been a good father to Paige. Hell our daughter thinks Jimin is her daddy. Many times we had to let her know he was her godfather. The crew Jin, Hobi, Jungkook, and Tae are so part of Paige's life. Namjoon is just a sloppy drunk.

I stayed working with the company, because the pay was good. I am able to provide for my child without any help. However a child does need their father.

Even though I was talking on the low to Kwon Min Sik aka Sik-k I have been so stressed and was happy to hear from my boy Jay Park. He urged me to come to his show he was throwing and to invite my girls. He and his boys would perform and have a lit after party. This was a all white attire event. I was telling my sister about it and she said she would watch Paige. I was thankful and called up my girls Bre and Kim.

We all got ready at my place. Jay called a limo in to pick us up and take us to the show. I knew I would not have many nights out so I planned on making this one count. I had to pull my sexy out from the ashes! I stepped out with my white and sliver short romper and blinding silver heels. I was feeling like my old self again.

The club was lit. Kim and I were laughing our asses off at Kim when we were in VIP. This fool was ordering every drink from the bar. Suddenly Jay called all the sexy girls to the floor. Kim, Bre, and I walked out to the floor. Jay performed I dont disappoint and then Sik-k was next. My heart sank when he winked at me.

"What the fuck was that girl?" Bre said.

"Ah nothing." I said while blushing.

"Yeah lie." Kim added.

Then he began singing rendezvous. The ladies went wild. Sik-k pulled me on stage amd began singing to me. I almost died but I kept it cool while winding my body like a snake charmer on him.

After the performance was the after party. Jay was saying hello to everyone. He made sure my cup was full. He stole Bre and Kim was about to leave, because Jin her man was stalking her with his phone.

"Jasie I gotta leave. Jin is acting needy and I'm super sorry." Kim said.

"Ah I understand. Thanks for coming out. I probably leave soon. Bre just texted me saying not to wait up. I guess Jay has a secret performance for her." I said while walking her to the door.

I sat at the table alone watching everyone have fun. I begin wondering what my baby was doing and if my sister remembered to give her a lavender bath. I was about to text her when I felt a soft peck on my cheek.

"Ah baby girl you made it out." Sik-k said while grinning showing that grill.

"Yes I did. I couldn't tell Jay no."

"So how did you like my new single rendezvous? You were my inspiration."

"Oh I love it so much! It is so sexy."

"Well so is my muse baby girl. Come with me." Sik-k said while taking my hand.

I was still lost in thought about my life. It was a mess with a pretty bow. But MinSik was so sexy and he smelled so good. I felt bad for not replying to his texts. I thought he would never hit me up again.

"Close your eyes." He said.

I did so and we walked into a dim room and the smell of roses filled my senses. He softly touched my hands and moved them from my eyes.

"I thought you would like." He smiled and grinned.

"Min Sik you didn't have to baby. Ah this is beautiful." I felt like crying.

"We got the whole wing to ourselves. I know you a busy woman on her boss shit. But I know you want love too. Just let you." He said while looking deep into my eyes.

"Min Sik I have a child and...."

He planted a soft kiss on my lips. "I know that and I know I did not help make her. But with your permission I could step up and be the father she needs. Real talk I know yall a package deal. I adore Paige."

It was a strange feeling I had listening to him and watching his body language. He was so sincere. He knew up front without me telling him my daughter and I was a package deal. He did have a positive relationship with him and she had been asking about where was her uncle Min Sik.

"Let me help you carry the load like a real man baby."

Before I could verbally say yes he began kissing my ear and feeling on my butt. He knew that was my weakness. He was breathing softly on my ear lob.

"Let me love you baby. Be mine."

A soft moan escaped my lips. "Yes Min Sik."

"Yes what baby? I need you to say it."

"I want you to love me. I wanna...I wanna be yours."

He began kissing me deeply and exploring my mouth. He tasted like Henessy. He kissing were so smooth and passionate. He began slipping off my clothes as I pulled him out his clothes.

He picked me up with my legs arpund his waist and stepped into the tub. The warm water surrounding us. He never took his lips off my lips. He began softly biting my lower lip in between kisses.

I gasped and began sucking on his neck amd playing with his tip. "I wanna suck it." I gasped.

"Ah not so fast baby girl. Let Daddy clean you up."

He grabbed some liquid soap and poured it inhis hands. Then he began rubbing it all over my breasts. He grabbed a hand full. He pressed his chest up to mine and began rubbing down my back.

He rinsed me off then went to rubbing me below. I gasped and he grinned. He began sucking on my right nipple while graxkng his teeth across the harden bud and moving to the next nipple.

I softly began running my hand up and down his shaft. He grunted and went back to kissing my lips. He moaned as I stroked him harder.

"You want it that bad. C'mon." He said while leading me out the bath tub.

We walked into the bedroom that had roses amd candles all over. He stood on the side of the bed and grabbed a towel. I snatched it from him and began drying him.

"I got you papi."

I began drying him. I got on my knees and dried off hia legs. Then I took the towel amd softly dried off his memeber. I dropped the towel amd began kissing up his shaft and licking his tip. He bit down on his lip while looking down at me.

I began sucking softly on his tip making loud noises. He ran his hands through my hair and pushed passed my lips and hit my throat. I began pulling him back amd forth deep in my throat making sloppy noises.

Sik-k began crying out in pleasure telling me how good I was. Right before he waa about to come I pulled him out my out. He picked me up and threw me on the bed.

He spanked me. "Bad girl."

I laughed as he flipped me over with my legs hanging off the side of the bed. He bent down and opened my legs wide. He began licking me without mercy from bottom to top. I moaned so loudly while grabbing his hair.

He made sure to stop at my nub each time to suck slowly on it. I caught myself grinding up against him. I needed something more.

"Just ask baby girl." He said

"Fuck me please." I moaned

He took my legs and put them around his waist and entered me. He waited for my body to adjust and then he went for it. I screamed has he pounded me hard while sucking on my breasts.

"Deeper....please." I moaned.

He put my legs behind my head and began taking me without mercy. The bed was moving across the floor. I was screaming his name as he grunted so loud.

"Yeah say my whole name baby...shit you feelbso good."

"Kwon Min Sik baby yes!" I yelled.

Suddenly I could feel a fire blaze as my walls tighten up around him causing him to explode. He fell on top of me and grinned.

"Shit girl..if we keep this up you might be Mrs Kwon." He kissed me.

"Round two baby girl?"

Sik-k and Jasmine was at the park looking like the perfect family. Namjoon was blowing Jasmine up with text messages, but she ignored him. Sik-k asked her several time if she wanted her to handle Namjoon man to man, but Jasmine would always tell Sik-k no. She did not need any drama.

Well Namjoon had his folks out spying on Jasmine to see where she was and it was informed that she was at the park with Sik-k and Paige. He quickly drove there to confront her.

Jasmine was getting snow cones for her, Sik-k and Paige. When Namjoon secretly pulled up. He watched them from his back car. He watched Jasmine walk up to Sik-k and give him a kiss. Namjoon hissed to himself. Then he saw Paige running to Sik-k.

"Daddy daddy I want the cherry one!"

Namjoon almost choked on his spit. He punched the leather seat.

What the fuck? She is letting my daughter call this asshole daddy. Someone got hell to pay. That is my fucking child and my woman!

Namjoon speed off. His tires making a loud noise against the gravel.

"Who was that baby?" Jasmine said

"I don't know...maybe a lost person?" Sik-k replied.

Later that night Jasmine and Sik-k got ready to attend a party that Kim and Jin were throwing. Kim really liked Sik-k and was happy that her friend had a man that did her and Paige right. Kim insisted that he should come.

Jamine walked out the bedroom in her bling rose gold fitted dress with her right arm and shoulder exposed.

"This would go great for the bling theme right baby?" Jasmine said allowing Sik-k to get a view from behind.

"Shit baby you look fly as fuck. Yeah it goes, but you won't be in thay for long." He chuckled while putting on his black shirt.

They droppes off Paige at her godmother Cree house and went to the party. Kim and BB grabbed Jasmine right away while Sik-k talked to Ji-Yong and Jin.

"Girl look Namjoon is here fyi." Kim said.

"Okay...." Jasmine said.

"Well you know with you being with Sik-k and all things can get crazy up in here." BB said.

"Namjoon is no on my mind girls, but thanks for the warning. Now let's get lit!" Jasmine said.
The music was lit. Ji-Yong, Jay Park, Yoongi, and Taeyang did a few songs. Jasmine was grinding all over Sik-k and he was loving it. BB was twerking all over Ji-Yong and Kim was cracking up. Namjoon was boiling while he watched. Jaamine from the cake table. Jasmine excused herself to go to the bathroom while Sik-k and Jay talked. Jay was running his mouth about Bre.

Jaamine ran into Bre in the bathroom. Bre was checking her lipstick.

"Hey girl you got some condoms?" Bre asked while going through her bag.

"Um...I might have some to spare. Heffa you need these on deck like candy. I told Kim to have some in the bathroom at parties. That heffa don't listen." Jasmine said.

"Yeah she gonna end up pregnant the way her and Jin do." Bre laughed.

Jasmine handed Bre two condoms. Bre walked out the bathroom. Jasmine made sure her teeth was clean and she walked out the bathroom. Namjoon grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.


He covered her mouth. "Who the fuck you think you are having my child call that fucker daddy? You bring him up in here like you his woman. You belong to me." He said through his teeth.

"Look you are no father to Paige. She barely knows you. I gave you almost 4 years to step up Namjoon. Let me go." Jaamine said.

Namjoon held her down even more. "You are such a..." He paused. "Look you have no fucking right."

Suddenly Sik-k yanked Namjoon off Jasmine.

"Look bro that's no way to treat a lady... MY LADY. Whatever beef you have with her you have with me." Sik-k said.

"Mind your fucking business bro. This one here belongs to me. And stay the fuck away from my daughter." Namjoon said while stepping into Sik-k's face.

BB stepped in and grabbed Jasmine. "Girl let the men deal with this."

"Your daughter, your woman? Seems like you enjoy claiming people who are not yours. Jasmine doesn't want shit to do with you and you never been a daddy to that little girl. Grow the fuck up." Sik-k said.

"Namjoon look he is right just leave all this alone." Jimin said.

Namjoon pushed Sik-k. "I fight for what I want." Then he punched Sik-k.

Sik-k grinned "Just what I wanted."

Sik-k punched Namjoon in the stomach and pushed him against the wall. Namjoon gasped and kicked Sik-k in his right leg.

"Stop it! You both need to stop!" Jasmine yelled with tears running from her eyes.

Jay pulled Sik-k away and Jimin grabbed Namjoon.

"Well I guess the party is over." Jin said.

A few days passed after the fight. Jasmine was out on the patio on the phone with Namjoon and he was full of apologies. Jasmine was fed up with all empty promises.

"Look Paige needs stability Namjoon. Once you get your shit together you can be part of her life. I'm not keeping you away from her. But what you will not do is put your hands on me."

"Look I said I was sorry. I know I made an ass of myself. But what you mean stability?"

"You be having bitches running in and out your house and you drink too much to have a child around."

"Don't judge me woman. You letting Sik-k fuck you."

"Firstly, judging is what a parent does for the safety of his or her child. Min Sik and I are in a relationship and talking about marriage. He comes home to me. He is helping raise your child."

"I get it Jasmine." Namjoon said

"No more bullshit and no more baby daddy drama Kim Namjoon." She hung up the phone.

Lord I pray he gets it....

Paige walked onto the patio. "Mommy daddy can't do my dance buns like you. I think he needs pratice."

Sik-k stood behind Paige with a brush and a pink ribbon laughing. Jasmine smiled.

"I tried baby girl." He laughed

"C'mon daddy has a lot to learn." Jaamine said while picking up Paige.

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