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Word Count: 1000

Recap/ Spoilers:

After arriving at her new safe house, and nearly embarrassed the crap out of herself by almost faceplanting as she gets out of the van. Scarlet soon fines out that she not only has to live like a completely new person, but also has to go back to high school, even though she's a college student. Scarlet then talks to her parent via the computer, possibly for the very last time without saying goodbye because the connection got cut off. Can things get any worse right now? Keep reading to find out what happens next…


Part 5: Name change

I went and sat on the bed in my new, unfamiliar bedroom. I glanced around at the bare walls and tried to imagine how ‘Athena Chapman’, the sixteen-year-old I must pretend to be, would decorate. I mean it was something else I could think about that wouldn’t give me an anxiety attack. I didn’t want this situation to set in. I just wanted to pretend I got an acting job, so this uneasy feeling in my chest would go away. ‘What were my parents going to tell me before they got cut off?’ I inhaled deeply, hearing my heart beating in my ears. I let out the breath and hear a light knock on the door. 

“What?” I asked sharply. “I have food…” I hear Agent Jinyoung mumbled through the door. “I’m really not hungry…” I flopped down on my back, let my legs hang off the side of the bed, and closed my eyes. I heard the door squeak open. I sat up and was about to yell at my intruder, but stopped when I saw the food tray on the floor next to the closed door. I sighed knowing that he wouldn't just leave me alone without eating anything. I grabbed the tray off the floor and finished the heaping amount of food in a few minutes. I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I stared at the empty tray in front of me. Now I knew that if I wanted to put this up, I would have to talk to them. I debated on whether I should go out there or not. I opened the door and made my choice to come out. I walked down the hall towards the kitchen, hoping that everyone would be somewhere else, but everyone was in there talking and messing around.

“Look she’s crawled out of the whole she dug for herself…” I shot a glare at the Agent named Mark Tuan and he shot me a teasing smile. “You know you should probably stick to your day job and not try to be standup comedian…” I replied and got a collection of laughs from everyone except Agent Jinyoung who was eating his food in peace. I walked over to the sink and started to wash my dishes. “You know you don’t have to do that, right?” Jinyoung insisted. “If I must pretend to be someone else outside of this house, I will use all the time in this house to be myself…” I replied. “So, washing the dishes is going to help?” “It will help me keep my sanity…”  they laughed at me, or at least most of them did.

“We have to talk about your first day of school…” Chief interjected. I sighed, still facing the sink away from them. “You know we have to talk about it, sooner rather than later.”
“I rather it be never…” “You have to look like an actual sixteen-year-old and not stand out like a sore thumb.” “I’m twenty-one, for God sake. How the hell am I supposed to pretend to be a sixteen-year-old again?” I asked, turning around to face them as I leaned my back against the sink. “Just tap into your teenage self,” Agent Jackson said with a smile. “Agent Wang, I don’t think you could handle my teenage self. Why do you think I act like this? Huh? To give my parents peace of mind when I go off.” He smirked at my reply. “Please, call me Dad…” he said teasingly. “No seriously, you don’t have to keep calling us ‘Agent’,” He said still letting a teasing grin play across his face.

“Alright, Jackson, does that sound better?” “Yeah, a lot better... it has a nice ring to it…” I sighed and finally decided that it was time to give in and let them talk about what is about to be our new lives. “Okay, fine, we should talk about our new identities and stuff…” “Yes, please, let’s just get it done and over with so we can have the rest of the day to worry about other things, like unpacking…” Mark replied. I sighed and remembering that what else we have to get done before the sun goes down and come back up again.

“Alright, who's who?” I finally asked. “Well, I'm your Uncle,” BamBam started. "My uncle? You look young enough to be my brother..." "But, Jiyoung's your brother..." BamBam said gesturing towards Agent kidnapper. "Perfect, who's next?" I asked sarcastically. "Mark and I are your Daddies," Jackson replied with a wink. Mark caught him and elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow, what?" I giggled at their exchange and then moved on. "What about you, Chief JB?" I asked hoping that it would be something not too crazy. "Well, I'm going to be around, but not as much as these guys, so I really don’t have a pat in this makeshift family." I was relieved, but something just clicked in my head. I was going to be managed by four guys for God know how long and I was starting to get a feeling that his is going to be interesting.


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