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Infinite L Contract Talk
Our Kim MyungSoo discusses his future plans. Will he stay with Woollim or decide to go elsewhere?
This Soompi article doesn't tell us much, however my fan girl heart read in between the lines.
As far as I see he is still developing his KMS Avatar and finds it comfortable and supportive to stay under Woollim. He has been thinking about it for years and loves the team he has behind him.
Even if he's thinking the complete opposite I am still backing my SameAgeChinGu (92Line)
It would hurt and is be sad to see him leave INFINITE but if that's what he needs to grow I wouldn't stop him and I'd think his members would understand.
However I HIGHLY doubt that's the case.


To infinity & beyond


Your favorite Kpop K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is #AnotherDayToDoBetter. I'll do better, you do better.
사랑해 <3
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girl im like sitting here waiting on ANY news of them resigning
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right.. so far he is one.. I think they'll all resign though
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