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Chapter 14 (Part 1) *Short chapter...*

Areum's POV

It had been 13 days, 4 hours, and 22 minutes since JB had spoken to me.. let alone looked in my direction. But why would he? He was back to being Nari's little play thing. It made me sick to think about, so I didn't. I focused on work, school, and now that my parents were back from their "business trip" I had chorus to focus on as well. I wanted it all to be over with, and soon at least school would be.

I starred at my sister's urn, today is the 2nd anniversary of her death. And to be honest, on days like this I was lonely, I could have used JB's teasing to make me feel better. But even that was robbed from me. I felt tears fill my eyes, it was hard to admit, but JB teasing me had been like the light on my dark days. It was nice to finally have someone beside me, even if it was only pretend. I closed my eyes trying to hold back the tears but that only seemed to make things worse. Every time I closed my eyes I saw him. Some how, some where, his smile had became my drug. 


You think I'll stop? You should know me enough by now JB... you know I won't if you stay by her side. In fact, the closer you stay by her, the more Jimin wants her.

I put the bottle back up to my lips and let the alcohol find it's way to the back of my throat. My head was already spinning, but I needed it to go completely numb so I didn't have to think about Jimin wanting Areum just because I liked her. I knew Nari's threats were empty, but Jimin's... those were the ones I was worried about. Jimin had always found a way to take everything precious from me and corrupt it. Although I'm sure Nari always played a big part in why he did it. 

I brought the bottle back up to my mouth, and instead of tasting the liquor that I had been tasting for days... I tasted nothing. I looked at the empty bottle and tossed it onto the pile of bottles on the floor. I ran my hands through my hair.

All I could think about was her... 

Mark's POV

I looked at Areum in front of me, her back was facing me as she stood in front of her sister's urn. I heard small sniffles coming from her as she tried to stop herself from crying. I looked down at the flowers in my hand, a bouquet of lily's, they were not only Areum's favorite flower but also her sisters. Looking back up at Areum I walk towards her. Once beside her she turns her head away from me trying to hide her face. I lay the flowers beside the urn and then turn back towards Areum.

"Areum, are you okay?" I ask. Her shoulders start to shake again as new tears slide down her face. I hear a small "No" before Areum turns to face me and puts her arms around me. I wrap my arms around her as she buries her face into my chest. 

"Why does everyone leave me?" she asks, her question muffled into my shirt. I lean my chin on the side of her head as I hold her. 

JB has no idea what he's doing to her... I think to myself.


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LMAO 😂😂😂😂
I started reading this story like an hour ago and man do I love it. I really do hope you continue this story on wattpad (and here too lol) because I have it on there too but I read the last two and really do love it. Keep up the good work 💕
Thank you 😊💕