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Hello Royal family! I bring you MV. So let's being!
This video was really interesting me, since they are competeing with themself. But I really like it.
Here is the dance practice video. I love watching the dance practice. You can use it as a work out video, but also learn to do the dance. It is alot of fun. You can invite some friends and each person take a member and dance that part, soon you will be pro.
Here is a live performance of this song. I find the live performance interseting to see the little details that have been changed.
And I had throw this one in, because this is just to funny to pass by. Well this is all I have this time. Hope you enjoyed, see you next time. Until then stay Royal!

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Royal squad
@MelissaGarza -our leader
this song is such a jam 😆
Yes it is!
The funny version is my new favorite video, I couldn't stop laughing