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Hey blinkies!

The team and I came up with a fun scenario contest we hope you guys will like
A fun "If you were friends with ___" scenario, and you're free to pick as to how you want to present it!

It could be a day out with them scenario, gifs of how your friendship would be or anything just be creative and bring a fresh summery feel, here's some ideas
It could be how weird Jisoo and you get when you go out for chicken together in Seoul.
Or how you and Lisa both slay when you dance battle other duos in the streets.
How Rose and you love to bike ride to the Han River and sing with your guitars.
Or how Jennie and you love to take your dogs out for a day in the park and eat ice cream.


As for prizes, the Blink with the most creative and fun scenario gets a Blackpink poster!

The team and I will be posting fun cards this week with this theme so I hope you all can join in the event ♥️
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This sounds like fun!