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I know I made a card about Gyu's solo releases about 6 months ago. However, today is the kind of day where I really need the sort comfort that only Kim Sungkyu's beautiful and soothing vocals, shinning smile and one of a kind presence can give. This card is quite different than the aforementioned one and includes a few things I have not previously posted.

In case you missed it, here is his Melon Premier Showcase:
For his second solo album, he released and promoted two title tracks; "The Answer" and "Kontrol"

"The Answer"

The song is about the heart-warming sensation of love and the certain sort of obsession faling in love creates. In Gyu's own words, the song is saying:

"You are the answer without question and no one else can be."
It was with this notion that the song was created. What I love not only about this song, but the others on the album is the growth as an artist that Gyu demonstrated with this release and the mature side of himself he showed as well as the maturity in sound. His vocals are extreamly emotive and yet gentle.

Here are the lyrics.

And now for some live stages.
This stage is so beautiful and angelic. Sungkyu performs most of the song with tears in his eyes. His performance is just so emotional.
When he looks in the camera at the 3:22 mark, it's like he's looking straight into my soul.

Gyu looks absolutely fetching in this suit and his vocals are powerful.


This song is about a man's commitment to the one he loves and shows he's willing to wait no matter what.

There is a popular fan theory about the MV's storyline. A lot of INSPIRITS believe that the MV is a tribute to a Korean INSPIRIT who died in the Sewol Ferry accident in 2014. I've read blogs that connected scenes in the music video to the fan's story and cast the female actress as the fan herself.

Woollim has denied this theory and from what I understand, the story portrays the relationship between the a brother and sister and the journey of the brother to find his little sister after she runs away from home.

The lyrics:
"I won't ask any questions. I won't ask why you left me alone. I won't ask why. None of that is important. I just have to be by your side. Really, that's all I need."
Gyu sings these words at the chorus and it's my favorite part of the song. I feel like "The Answer" and "Kontrol" are two halves to one story. They go hand in hand in my opinion and complement each other so well.

The live stages:
The choreography really compliments the piece. Not only do the dance moves fit well with the music, but it gives the illusion of a bustling world happening around Gyu while he's seemingly stuck in slow motion, waiting for this person to return to him.
This stage isn't as simple as the first one but it's still effective. Gyu's vocal arrangement variations are a nice change up.
The set here is so pretty and all the componants of the performance works well together. Gyu looks great in those pants.

Can someone cast him in a drama or movie, please? His performances are so emotional.

He said he really looked forward to acting in the MVs and enjoyed the process, even though the crying and more emotional scenes were exhausting and it took him time to recover from the emotions he experienced while filming them.

Gyu has many other fabulous songs and performances, which I HIGHLY recommend checking out. I'll be sad to see him off to his miltary service this year, but will excitedly await his return.

I'm going to wrap up this card with the full ASC episode Gyu did as part of the "27" promotions.
This guy is so cute and his shyness is adorable. He really loves INSPIRITS and I adore the way he interacts with fans.

Seeing him smile, listening to his smooth voice as he talks and hearing his beautiful vocals have really helped me get through today. I hope sharing his incredible talent with you have helped you in some way as well.


Here are the rehearsals for both title tracks from his Mcountdown comeback stages. Even in rehearsal, he gives his all. Just one of the many reasons I stan this man.




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