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So this week we are going to talk about our favorite Non Title and title song/mv. I'm going to start with my favorite non title song which I fell in love with as soon as I heard it today.

My favorite non title song by Boyfriend is Nightmare. I fell in love instantly. I would have loved to see a video for this song. The beat is amazing and you can dance to it. Unusual in my experience considering the song is about heartbreak. I love the lyrics and I love the story the song is telling.

My favorite title song/music video is Witch. The beat again is very dance worthy. I love the whole red riding hood/werewolves concept. I love darker concepts too though and I love the twist they put on it. This is also the first video I watched by Boyfriend and again I instantly fell in love. Also kind of a sad song lyric wise if you really think about them. Lyrics are the key to my heart when it comes to a song.

Both of these songs are amazing in many ways. I can also relate to them on a personal level so that just adds to why I love them.

So sound off in the comments, what are your favorites by Boyfriend? This can also include Japanese versions of songs as well not just korean.
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