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Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Mark's POV I looked over at Areum as she rode in the passenger seat of my car. Her head laid against the window as she starred at the rain that had begun to fall outside. I turned on the radio and set the volume just low enough that she could hear it.  Peace... That's what I wanted to give Areum right now. This day two years ago tore her apart, she missed school, her grades dropped, and the whole neighborhood knew she hadn't been eating or talking to anyone. And instead of being there for her... I just watched. I watched because I didn't know what I could have done to make it any better for her.  I focused on the road in front of me as I drove Areum home. Once at her house I turned off the car, grabbed an umbrella and helped Areum out of the car and to her front door. She thanked me and went inside. I got back in my car and instead of going home... I decided to pay someone a visit. JB's POV Stumbling to open the front door I was greeted by a hard punch in the face. "What the-" I said stumbling back away from the door holding the left side of my face. I looked up to see Mark making his way into my apartment. I shake my head and close the door after he makes it in. "Feel better now?" I ask him. I knew damn well that I deserved that punch and so much more. I watched Mark as he walked over to the pile of empty bottles I had on the floor. His face was covered in disgust and disappointment as he kicked the pile lightly with his foot.  "No, I don't feel better. I feel like I could beat you to a pulp right now, but I'm holding myself back." Mark said while looking up at me.  "What's stopping you?" I said. I was almost open to the idea of being beaten to a pulp, maybe he could beat some sense into me. I rubbed my head as I sat down on the floor beside the coffee table.  Mark let our a small sarcastic laugh... "What's stopping me? You want to know what's stopping me from killing you right now? Areum... Areum is stopping me." I smiled at the sound of her name. Areum...  I quickly wiped that smile from my face and cleared my throat "Why would Areum stop you, I don't have anything to do with her anymore." I said while trying to hide the sadness that was written all over my face.  "Because... Areum likes you." Mark says looking down at his shoes. I stare at him trying to register what I just heard him say. Areum likes... me?  "And just how do you know that? Did she tell you? Because... there's just... no... no way. She doesn't like me."  Mark lets out a sigh and sits down across from me. "JB, trust me. She does. As much as I don't want to accept the fact that she does... I can't. I see it in the way she looks at you."  "And how exactly does she look at me Mark?" I ask him as his eyes meet mine once again. "She looks at you... the same way I look at her..." Areum's POV I'm not sure what surprised me more... The fact that yesterday went by so fast, or that Mark was waiting for me outside my house as I got ready to leave for school. I watched Mark as I walked towards him. He was leaning against his car, one foot keeping himself balanced while the other was on the side of his car. If I didn't know him I would swear he was a model. "What are you doing here Mark?" I asked. He took his foot off his car and stood up straight in front of me. He placed his hands on my shoulders as he talked.  "I'm taking my friend to school, and then to work afterwards." He said with a smile on his face. A small smile found its way onto my lips, that boys smile was contagious. He let go of my shoulders and turned to open the door for me. I got into his car and waited for him to get in before I said anything. He hopped into his car and buckled himself in.  "Thank you Mark." I said before he put the car into drive. "Don't thank me Areum. Thank JB." I said under my breathe as Areum looked out the window. *Last night* Mark's POV "I can't do anything, I owe Nari too much to protect Areum right now. Promise me one thing though Mark, as my friend." I look at JB as he tries his best to stay focused on me and not the room spinning around him. "Protect Areum for me... stay by her side. And keep Jimin away from her."


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