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The boy who wouldn't be loved Ch.2

Who: Reader x Kwon Hyukwoo
What: Mostly Smut, Drama
Story: With Hyukwoo's "New imagine", he' taken to having an on call fuck buddy in you. Things would be fine if you weren't in love with the man that doesn't want to be loved. He just wants... Sex....

Y/n's POV

You woke up the next morning to Hyukwoo having called you three times last night and left you get messages. The first few were of him asking if you were still mad at him and asking why you were ignoring him. Then he asked if you were asleep already. At some point, he must've gotten upset at you for not answering anything because he sent two pictures to you of him getting sucked off.

He already knew how you felt about him and for him to do that, drunk or not, made him an ass. He knew just the reaction he was going to get from you so continued to ignore him.

You jumped out of bed and got dressed for work. You had actual forgotten that your ex was in your living room asleep because you were so pissed at Hyukwoo. He was just trying to make you angry for ignoring him, like some form of punishment. You wanted to choke her and punch him. There was alot going on in your heart.

You got dressed and started heading out into the living room. Jihoon was sitting up looking around like he was lost. You came up behind him and said,

"Have a nice nap?" in the loudest voice you could.

He groaned with his hands to his head and looked up at you.

"Why do you have to be so mean?"

You grinned and sat down on the coffee table again.

"So do you remember anything Jackass?" you said.

"I always love your pet names." he said sarcastic.

You just rolled your eyes and looked the other way.

"What am I doing here?" he asked.

"You showed up on my door step completely sunk. "

"And you let me in? Just like that?" he asked.

"It's not like I welcomed you in with open arms. More like you invited yourself in and I didn't fight it. Couldn't have you wandering the streets tanked put of your mind now could I." you answered.

"What a noble gesture." he retorted.

"The bathroom is down the hall to the right- well you should remember you were here long enough. Anyway if Ae-Cha hasn't left yet don't harass her she's a nice girl. I want you gone quickly so don't linger." you said getting up to leave.

"Wait where are you going?" he asked.

"To work." you answered.

"Dressed like that?" he asked.

You turned with a grin you were wearing shorts and a peach tank top. Your hair was in a French braid all the way down to the nape of your neck and a strand of hair twisted around the loose wavy mass to make an invisible ponytail holder. You had sunglasses on the top of your head and flip flops. If anything you looked like you were going shopping with your girl friends not going to work.

"Yup, just like this." you said

"Y/n." he called after you again.

You looked at him curiously.

"Thank you- for letting me stay." he said.

You gave him a note genuine smile and said,

"You're Welcome."

"And you look really pretty." he mumbled.

You chuckled as you walked away and said,

"I know."

You left out to go to work and saw Ae-cha's car still in the drive way so you texted her that you allowed Jihoon to take a shower and then he had to leave. If he stayed too long she could kick him out. You didn't mind being civil towards him, the break up wasn't so bad that you held a grudge, he did what you asked. It just hurt.

Still, it was too much energy to hate him. You headed to AOMG's building and started in your meeting room to get everyone situated on their jobs. You stared picking out locations to film and seeing what places you wanted to get approved or not. You discussed the budget for the video and talked about extras that you needed. You had a few females ready to audition for Jay's female lead of the music video. You wanted a fresh face but also someone that fit more of Jay's taste. One of the females was Brazilian the other two were Asain. Your instinct told you to just cast the Brazilian. You had to make sure she could act well enough and dance. You had your assistant director get the three of them set up for auditions later on that afternoon.

Everything was moving by fast and before you knew it you were taking your break for lunch feeling drained by the excitement of the day. You got downstairs and saw Jay in the lobby with Kiseok. You smiled and waved and Jay called after you,

"Aye are you going to lunch Y/n?" he asked.

"Yeah did you need something."

He chuckled lightly,

"Nah I just wanted to check on you. Cha Cha's breathing down my neck to keep an eye on you."

"You know you don't have to listen to him. Just lie Jay."

"Aw come on he's just looking out for you. Plus he's my best friend I can't just lie to the guy. You know I want you safe too."

"Yeah but at least you're not over bearing." you laughed.

He laughed with you and said,

"True. Do you want to go and eat with us?" He asked.

"Sure where were y'all going."

"To our place." he said referring to the AOMG restaurant.

"Oh cool I was heading there anyway.


You looked up to see Loco walking over to you guys while he was on his phone. You had to keep up appearances around the guys so you kept your attitude at bay. He looked up and saw you and his eyes narrowed for a moment. You smiled and said,

"Let's go my lunch isn't that long."

"Hey can you guys go a head of us I want to talk to Y/n."  Hyukwoo said before you could walk away fast enough. You turned back to lol at him and Jay and Kiseok agreed and walked out of the building. Hyukwoo too you by the arm gently and wrapped you around the side of the wall. He placed his hand by your head,

"Why didn't you answer my text last night?" 

"You seemed to have found your replacement so it's not like I matter much right?" you smiled.

"I called you first that should count for something." he said.

You rolled your eyes and looked away from him He snatched your chin and made you look back at him,

"You better not be getting back together with Jihoon." he said sternly.

"What makes you mention him?"

"I came by your place to see if you were home so I could talk to you. I saw him walking out of there. Did you two sleep together?" he asked.

"You know for someone that says this is just about sex you're acting very jealous right now."

"Me and you are friends Y/n believe it or not I care about what happens to you. As far as our physical relationship goes it is just about sex so if you dong answer my call I have ever right to find your replacement."

"Just like I have every right to sleep with my ex. If that's what I wanted to do." you retorted.

"After what he did to you? You didn't eat for weeks, you had half the staff worried about. All of us wondered when you fall out because of him. You're willing to go back?"

"Don't draw conclusions when you don't have all the facts Hyukwoo. Even if it's coming from the horses mouth. If a horse can speak it can tell a lie."

He simmered down a bit and backed away from you.

"Is something going on between you two?"

"As of right now? No. But if there is, you have no right to stop me or be angry with me."

"I'm trying to look out for you Y/n."

"Don't. I may be twenty-four but I'm not a damn child. I've got Chase down my back and I've Jay as his second in command I really don't need the guy I Fuck to do that too." you said upset.

You sighed and calmed yourself but you could feel your blood rushing and you were struggling to keep your voice down. You fixed your shirt. A girl passed by and you saw Hyukwoo give her smile but you knew that smile all too well. Her hair was brown and luscious and the way she was glowing you were damn sure she was the one that had given him pleasure last night. You nodded,

"Never figured you for a legs kind of guy. Oh by the way before you go talking about how Jihoon hurt me maybe you should think about what you did last night sending me those pictures." you seethed

"I was drunk and upset."

"Yeah well I was sober and hurt. Really hurt. You know how I feel about you and that's why you sent the Hyukwoo you did it to hurt me and don't even try to say you didn't because you did. Every time I try to end it you pull me back in with sex. The truth is I have no future with you other than an call Fuck. That's all I am to you." you snapped.

"That's not true."

"Even if he broke my heart I had a future planned out with Ji. So if I do get back together with him-just wish me the best and stay away from me."

You turned on your heel and walked out of the building to get to Jay and Kiseok waiting outside. They saw you moving quickly and slowed down so you didn't worry them. You smiled when you reached the bottom of the steps and Jay looked up at Hyukwoo coming from behind you.

"Shall we?" you said.

They nodded and you all piled into Jay's car with you and Hyukwoo in the back. You were looking out the window when you felt Hyukwoo's hand creep up on your leg. You looked over at him and his gaze shifted to look at you he didn't smile or react to you looking back at him but you could tell he knew what you were thinking.

Really, here... and now?

It wasn't like you two could do much without the risk of being caught but he probably felt a rush and at the same time wanted to make things right by you. This was exactly what you were talking about though. He knew your feelings and any attempt to pull away from him and you just came crawling back on hands and knees. Some how you didn't think he fully understood how much of a weakness he was to you, he only had a inkling. You kept a straight face while his hands slowly worked up to your shorts and snuck down past the hem. His long finger feeling out for your sensitive nub and when he found it he pinched it as hard as he could. Your eyes rolled back and you bit your lip willing yourself not to moan or draw attention to yourself. Jay looked back in the mirror to see you for a second but you had calmed down by then. You gave him a smile and he smiled back. Kiseok was in his phone with one ear phone in his ear he was completely zoned out. You looked to Hyukwoo and just mow noticed you had grabbed a fist full of his shirt. He gave you a sly grin before he looked in front of him. He looked to be checking to see how focused on the road Jay was. Jay's hand went to turn up the radio much to Hyukwoo's pleasure. The car was probably too silent for him. Hyukwoo started to roll the tip of his finger on your clit slowly, heating your body from the inside out. Your thighs tightened AMD came together begging for more friction but you sat still. Hyukwoo turned to you for a second and then cautiously leaned down to make sure he didn't bring any attention to you two. He lifted your shirt with his other hand and slowly kissed your stomach, right around your belly button so it cause a tingle that went right to your core and made your swollen clit twitch. There was a big part of you that wanted to beg him to just eat you up and Fuck you and you knew that's what he was aiming for. Giving him that, meant he won and if you two hadn't been in the car you would've let him.

"We're here." Jay suddenly announced. and Hyukwoo swiftly pulled his hand from your shorts and made it seem like he was picking up something dropped on the ground. He came back up and got out of the car giving you a little look as he did. You rolled your eyes and turned to get out, grabbing your bag as you did but Hyukwoo had reached your door before you could open it yourself. He offered you a hand and seeming too turned on to fight you took his hand as a truce. He smiled as he helped you up out of the car and you walked into the restaurant with Jay and Kiseok.

The boys went to go sit down and you separated yourself to go the bathroom for a second. You were actually glad Hyukwoo didn't try to follow you. Or rather, he couldn't because Jay called him over and Kiseok finally put down his phone to talk. You wondered if Jay was talking about you two in the car or not.

It didn't matter much go you except Chase would be down your throat. You weren't even close to ready for that. You washed your hands and calmed yourself down before walking out of the bathroom. You went up to the counter to purchase a coffee before you went to sit with the boys. You were about to pay when you accidentally dropped your credit card. You bent down to get it but when you got back up it was paid for.


You turned around to see the culprit. Smiling in your face was, Jihoon.

"It's the least I could do sing you put me up for the night." he said.

You smiled and moved away to get out of other customers way. You turned back to look at him and said,

"Okay, thank you." you said.

Jihoon scratched his head for a second and placed his hands in his pockets. He chuckled and you could tell he was nervous about what he was going to say next. Even though you knew wanted to say something you liked to soak in this look of his. You smiled even harder as he finally found the guts to say something to you.

"Did I tell you anything when I was drunk last night."

"No not that I recall." you lied with a smile.


"Oh well there was this one part where you called me an idiot."

"Wait I did what?"

You waved it off beige taking your coffee front he Batista.

"It's not big deal it was after you told me you were still in love with me."

You looked back at him taking a sip of your coffee with a smirk and Jihoon's eyes got wide. You chuckled when he seemed a little flustered. Your favorite feature of Jihoon was his long shoulder length hair. It was full and framed his face so well. Everytime he turned his head his hair swung and bounced with him. He was the dream guy. Then it was his smile it was so innocent and big, his teeth were so white. He had a little mole just slightly below his left eye, you would adore that little beauty mark when ever it caught your eye. Next was his nose, it reminded you a bit of Sung Kang. The bridge of his nose had a bit of a roundness to it but his nose was long and kind of big for a Korean. It was a cute nose to you, it fit his face very well.

"I told you I was still in love with you?" he asked.


"Did I tell you me and Hae-won broke up too?"

You shook your head with the same smile. There was a good part of you that was so amused by that.

"Thanks for the coffee Ji ji." you said.

You started to walk away and he stopped you.

"Can we- hang out sometime?" he asked.

"Oh I see because the girl you left me for left you, you want to come back and get again with me?" you chuckled.

"I miss you Y/n but we can be friends right. Just friends." he said.

"You have my number." you said.

He chuckled and pulled you closer to him. His lips hovered over yours.

"What happened to just friends Ji?"

"I wanted to see how close friends we are." he smiled back.

You smiled bigger at him loving the fact that you could tease him this way. He came closer to you inching for a kiss and just when it seemed like he might be able to you put your finger to his lips and whispered,

"Not that close." 

He sighed in defeat and you laughed walking away to join the guys at the table. You sat down and ignored Hyukwoo's glare but you felt him slip his hand onto your thigh under the table. You ignored his touch while you started talking to Jay about the things you had set in motion for his music video. Hyukwoo tried to tease you but seeing you resisting him and playing it off so well got him more aggravated towards you. It was funny to you and frustrating to him.

You got back to the AOMG building and you were headed for your floor to work on some changes you discussed with Jay. You were story boarding in your office when Hyukwoo came into the room. He locked the door behind him.

"Bad move Y/n." he said.

"What is it? Puppy wants attention?" you smirked while looking at your papers.

"I understand you're upset with me but using him to get back at me isn't cool."

"You know you've become quite egotistical since you gained abs. Like what I did at the restaurant was really just to get back at you. Give me some credit." you said sniffing before looking down at your papers again.

"Oh really then what was that all about huh? Why did you do it?"

"Because I like teasing him, you know my character better than anyone."

Your tone even sounded like you were teasing him now. The amount of sarcasm and flirtation in it was basically just who you were.

"Yeah I know you like to tease." he said.

He walked around your desk and pushed his hand between your thighs to spread them. You looked up at him with dark eyes and a smart smirk.

"He wants you." he said .

"Apparently not the only one.-Well he's the only one that wants something real." you said looking away from him.

He pulled your chin to look back at him and crashed his lips onto yours in a feverish kiss that made you lose all sense of rationality...

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