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The High Court of Justice on Monday gave the state six months to evacuate houses built on private Palestinian land in three illegal West Bank outposts. Court President Asher Grunis and Justice Miriam Naor leveled unprecedented criticism against the state, writing that it was no longer possible to rely on the state’s commitments on such matters. The houses to be evacuated stand in the illegal outposts of Givat Assaf, Mitzpe Yitzhar and Ma’aleh Rehavam. Peace Now filed a petition in 2007 to evacuate homes in six illegal outposts: the above-named three along with Ramat Gilad, Givat Haro’eh and Mitzpe Lachish. In 2003 all these outposts had received “delineation orders” - an administrative order delineating their area and allowing the state to evacuate the entire outpost at any time. The Peace Now petition asked the court to order the state to implement the evacuation orders.