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--------------------------------- Hello, our new drama I Do, I Do will start at 21:55 KST. I'm so excited !! Please refresh this card for live update:) ------------------------------------------- >OMGGGGGGGGG A doctor said to Ji An that she is pregnant ! Tae Kang wants to know what's wrong with Ji An, but she is so upset. EunSung is upset,too. He prepared a gift for Ji An, but she didn't come.. Ji An is so shocked...;( >Ji An told to her friend that she is pregnant, but it's not Eunsung's baby. The friend suggest to have an abortion. Eunsung is so disappointed but he is considerate of her feeling^^ He wants to meet her but she tells a lie. "I will go to Paris for the business trip." >Tae Kang meets Ji An's parents. You know, Tae Kang met her parents at the train station. He told it to her parents and her father is so > NaRi kneels down to her mother . However her mother ignores NaRi.....Poor Nari..;( OMGGGG JiAn's parents prepared lots of healthy foods for Oh no... JiAn's mother said to Eunsung that she doesn't go to Paris..;( >JiAn goes to hospital but she is thoroughly confused. TaeKang gets a call from the police but he can't find his bag :( He goes to the company and he meets NaRi by chance. Both of TaeKang and NaRi have lots of worries. They shout at the top of their vioce to get rid of stress^^ >Ji An spent all night agonizing over whether she gets an operation or not. Tae Kang goes to JiAn's home and he shook her to wake her up. She misses very important buyer meeting..;( >JiAn said,"You spoil my plans." TaeKang said, "I'll take my Sam upon it!" JiAn said, "How??" TaeKang said, "I'll think about it,now^^" Eunsung realizes that he likes JiAn more than he thought. He waits for her in front of her house. Ohno! TaeKang notices JiAn's pregnant ! What will he do?? --------------------------- Ep 5 is over ! Do you think JiAn will have an abortion?? I can't wait for tomorrow's ep !! Screenshots ! Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 :
@seet yeah..:( I feel bad for JiAn..
tomorrow's gonna be heartbreaking one.....
@soula81 Yes, she didn't tell it to him ;(
so Tae Kang still doesnt know she's pregnant?
me too, cant wait!!! much love and appreciation, thanks for the recaps :)
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