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"I'd rather die than live without passion.."

Kurona Kuran


Upon first sight Kurona appears to be a seemingly unapproachable and cold individual. She is usually very quiet, and is a girl of few words as she prefers to show through actions rather than speech. However, to those very few close to her Kurona seems to be another person altogether. Around these certain few, she tends to be much softer and gentle with a more outgoing and warm aspect to her. Often described as the "motherly" type of friend, Kurona is one to diffuse conflicts and take on other's issues as her own, no matter the cost. She is protective and will allow nothing to come close to harming the ones she cares for most, even if this means she must resort to extreme violence to ensure their safety.

Kurona was born the youngest child and only daughter of Lady Juri and Lord Haruka Kuran. She was just five years old when both parents' lives were taken in by her uncle who wished to take title as head of the family. Despite not being able to remember most of the event due to the severe trauma she suffered, Kurona experienced constant nightmares throughout the rest of her childhood, ones that still sometimes resurface even at the age of seventeen.

-Advanced swordsmanship. After being adopted by a close family friend, Kurona went through extensive training in order to protect herself, along with her true identity
-Martial Arts. Along with swords and several other weapons, Kurona also studied and trained in many forms of Martial Arts such as Taekwondo