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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
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~(Mark POV)~
I was waiting with the others on a totally different floor, as I personally waited for someone to bring Jackson to us safety. JYP hyung-min came down to join us as I saw him talking to the men that gather all of us here. "You guys saw that back there right? It was the cafe owner... she came out of no where after Jackson pass out."

YoungJae whisper to us as he all looked at each other. "She did look a lot like the photo from the journal." JB mention as it seem to have clicked with us all. "Okay everyone may I please have your eyes up here." We all looked over at JYP hyung-min, as we saw his eyes glow.

We all were freaking out and in shock but then I noticed people in the room pasting out. If they were standing one of those guards caught them. That when It finally effected me as well. I felt heavy, and tired,. It was as if I had never slept before now. Right as I was about to lose consciousness too, that producer guy appear and took out two of the guards.

He made full eye contact with me, before my world around me turn to black and I fell asleep. Though I did noticed someone picking me up while I was out like a light. It suddenly got cold around me, the person that had me, made me sit down.

"I know you can still hear me. I got you just in time before his spell made you forget everything that happen."

I wanted to wake up, but my body wasn't under my control anymore. "You want to wake up I bet." I could feel someone tying my hands to the chair, making it sure I wasn't able to run away. "There are so many ways to wake you up.. but I prefer the one that tortures not only you, but them too."

This person gripped my hair hard and yank my head to the side. If he had pulled any hard, I would of had my neck snapped. Though I prefer dying to what happen next. A pain flow throughout my entire neck, as it was pierced with a set of fang. The spell I was under broke, allowing me to wake up and scream in pain.

He stuck his wrist in my mouth, before releasing my neck. I bite down as hard as I could, and noticed this guy didn't even flinch in pain. I realized it was the producer guy, as the blood from his wrist flow down my throat. "Good .... now time for the finally... welcome to our world young man."

I blinked and released his wrist, before he actually did snap my neck this time. Everything was black but the instead of being pain free, I felt my entire body burning up, like it was on fire.

What the fuck did this man do to me just now...

~(Jackson POV)~


When I came to, I was back in JYPe again. I sat up fast and looked around to see the guys surrounding me. Everyone except for Mark, since I recall he was taken. "What the fuck is going on... first Jackson and Mark disappear, but then Jackson comes back. Does this mean Mark will come home soon too?"

I looked at Bam who was asking a million and one questions. "See you dye your hair again while you were away. So is it safe to say you're okay?" Jin Young asked me, whilst playing with my hair. "Yeah I'm fine... Mark still M.I.A?"

They all looked sad as they nodded there heads. "Oh, you're finally awake... I think its time we all have a nice conversation. But first off... Yugyeom and Bam Bam... I need you two to either sign these contracts or step out the room." JYP hyung-min came into the room and handed over contract papers to Maknae and Bam.

"Confidentiality Agreement?"

Yugyeom asked as he looked over the contact with Bam. "Yes this is to protect not only you but the rest of your brothers." Bam didn't say a word, he just sign it, and once Yugyeom saw Bam signing, he did the same. Once signed, they handed them back to JYP hyung-min. "Good, now what we're about to talk about you two can not say a word or else you break this contact."

He waved the contracts as they nodded their heads. "Jackson and Mark are caught up in the middle an elder vampire war. Or at least, that what vampires are calling it, since one is abusing power." Bam and Yugyeom looked at JYP hyung-min like he was insane.

"Don't worry JB, Jin young, and Yongjae. We are trying to make sure this doesn't have to involve any wolves."

I join Yugyeom and Bam this time in shock to hear that they were werewolves. "Wait a minute, are you telling us that Vampires and Werewolves are real?" Bam asked as he moved away from us a bit. "Yes BamBam, and Jackson has become a vampire. Its why is hair is currently silver. I'm afraid though I don't know about Mark yet."

They all looked at me, as I show them my fangs. Bam cover his mouth in shock, while Yugyeom stood behind him. JB smirked at me, as Jin young looked like he wanted to touch them. "Whoa you're eyes glow blue like a wolf too. Why not red like other vampires?" Youngjae asked as he turn to JYP hyung-min.

"Remember the woman that came in to save you all, she's a Day-walker, and the one that turn Jackson. He ended up taking after her on power it appears, because she has blue eyes too." JB JinYoung and Youngjae looked at me surprised as I looked away from them all. "Where is my Mei? Did she go try to save him herself?" He hum yes as I looked over at him.

"She knows you are still a fledgling, so you aren't strong enough to help her. Plus you're reckless nature is enhanced it will only put you are more risk of being killed by Erikson. I got up and walked over to hyung-min. "Then you go with me, I want to help save Mark. From what Mei inform me with, he's in endanger of more than just being killed."

They all looked at me, as I could feel my blood boiling a bit. "I warn her you would be like this. Its why I had her tailed." JYP Hyung-min said as he smirked at me. "JB will you go with him?" JB nodded his head while a phone was handed to him.

"Lets go Jackson."

JB's eyes glowed reddish purple, as he spoke. He really was a werewolf, and he an alpha at that. No wonder he was made our leader, I though it was for other reasons. I couldn't help but chuckle before running out of JYPe with JB. It was daylight outside, and JB stop once we were outside. He looked me over and simply blinked at me.

"You really are a day-walker."

I looked down and saw I was standing in the sunlight without a problem. "That's a good thing isn't it?" JB smirked and nodded his head, before going back to leading the way. We ended up by the harbor, as the phone led us to an abandon warehouse. JB held a finger to his lips, signaling me to stay quiet.

He transform into an actual wolf, with a collar, before me. I cover my mouth to hold back my shock, since all of this was still new to me. He snuck around the corner, and I slowly follow him from a good distance. We saw Roselyn running to Mark and setting him free. "Fuck! Mark No!"

JB transform back and was fully dress still, as we stood there. "Mark! Mark! Come on wake up!" Roselyn was holding Mark in her arms, and trying to wake him up. Even I didn't hear his heart beat, as we went into shock together. We were all too late, and lost Mark to that bastard Erik. Roselyn growl and bite into her arm, before trying to force feed her blood to Mark.

"Come on ... wake up... Mark!"

There was blood streams going down her cheeks, as she did everything in her power to try and save him. "She crying..." I looked over at JB whom was crying himself. My attention went straight to Mark, the moment I heard his heart beat come back. He's eyes shot open, and latch himself onto her arm.


Roselyn wince in pain, as Mark drank her blood. His eyes were red, and the white turn black. "Mark stop... please.. control yourself... ah." Mark did let go, to only grab her by her next and pin her down to the ground. "Why! So you can kill me too?" She try to break free from his hold, but it seem Mark was stronger than her.


JB barked his command, and Mark responded. He looked over at us both, as his eyes return to normal. Roselyn sat up surprised at all of us, as JB sighed heavily. "I can't believe this... How the fuck did that man manage to turn you into a hybrid?"

I looked at JB before looking over at Mark. Even Roselyn was shock as well, which wasn't that must of a surprised. She was still learning with me as well with most things.

"Wait... Mark was a werewolf!" Roselyn asked as she whip away her bloody tears.

It was shocking for me... I though I lost him

but I didn't... what was going on?

to be continue

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*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun

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