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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length:  2269 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: I was meant to keep you safe not to fall in love with you.

Part 11

Yoongi’s Pov:

 He sat in his studio and kept smiling at the group chat. He was glad Moon liked her new puppy but Yoongi couldn't bare but to get mad when she started sending photos of Sugar and that Seo Joon guy. Her body guard is always so close with her and Yoongi didn't like it. He knew she wasn't close with him anymore but he hated the fact of her being with someone else.

 That's not what pissed off Yoongi to the point where he threw his phone. What pissed him off was when she sent the group chat a photo of Seo Joon again but this time his arm was wrapped around her waist and he was kissing her cheek. Her smile was beautiful but shouldn't be smiling with Seo Joon not him.

 He knew he was wrong for being jealous she wasn't Yoongi’s but he'll be damned if she's his. He decided to finish up and head back to the dorm. Him and the guys got to the studio early and then Jungkook started walking down stairs. They all followed behind but the boy was practically running.

 He decided to ignore Moon. What could he say to her, he didn't know what to say. He wanted to ask her why she sent that photo to group chat, more importantly what her and Seo Joon are. They should be nothing. They have to be nothing. Jin was talking to her but once he heard her say Suga or Sugar his head shot up and his eyes met her.

 He looked back down at his phone. She looked better. They drove to the airport with her she sat between Hobi and Tae at least she wasn't next to Seo Joon. That didn't matter she sat with them the whole plane ride and he couldn't help but keeping himself from staring at her. So what did he do? Fell asleep.

 They had two days to just kick back but of course the boys loved Moon and we had to take her with us. The only thing Yoongi was a little scared was when they went to the club but that didn't last long. Yoongi needed to forget and got himself drunk.

 He had his head down when he felt someone tap his shoulder.  

“Yoongi...come on it's time to go-” he had stood up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Moon was so beautiful but this club was too crowded.

“Come on babe, this place fucking SUCKS!” She walked with him to the car. It was only them. Oh yeah. “Babe~ will come sleep with me?”

“Yoongi. No.” He was leaning on her and hugging her. He felt bad. It's because I was being meannn.

“Please Moon I miss you~ come sleep with me in my big bed~! I know I pushed you away babe but come back to me please~ Don't go back to Seo Joon baby please~”

 When they got to the hotel she left to her room. Her room with Seo Joo.  So what did Yoongi do. He whined. He called out for Moon wanting her back in his arms and that's when Jin and Namjoon left. Yoongi was drunk but not dumb,he knew they’d go get her. He kept whining only because Hobi was still there till she came in.

“Yoongi please the boys need to sleep.” Once she walked past his bed he grabbed her and pulled her into the bed with him.“Yoongi!”

“Stop yelling my name babe, I haven't even started.” He laughed and he smiled her saying his name still made him smile no matter what.

She motioned for Hobi to leave and he did, she must want me too. He thought but not a slept second later she slammed Yoongi on the bed and walked to the bathroom. He decided he'd wait behind the door, she was wearing an oversized shirt that made her look so sexy.

“Yoongi if I sleep here you~” he hugged her.

“Babe come on I wanna have fun~” he moaned.

“The hell if you do!” She grabbed him and flipped him on the bed. Damn she's hot. Then she came placed her hand on his neck and boom he was out. He woke up again to find her sleeping with him and he wrapped his arm around her waist. She's his, not Seo joon’s his hands should NEVER touch her again.

 He woke up in the same spot but didn't know how he got there. He looked at Moon sleeping and how beautiful she was without makeup how calm she was then remembered. Why is she here? How did she get here?

 He yelled and pushed her off the bed causing her to wake up from the sudden fall and scream.

“Ahh~” she yelled standing up. “What the fuck was that for asshole?!”

“What the fuck are you doing in my bed?!” He snapped back.

“Dumbass you got drunk last night and begged for me to sleep here!” The club, shit! “Asshole…”
he heard her whisper.

 She walked to the bathroom. Yoongi knew how he got when he's drunk and couldn't help but think. If he slept with the girl he loved he doesn't even remember it?!? Moon came out of the bathroom holding her things and heading for the door.

“Moon?” He needed to know but didn't know how to ask. “Last...did we uh?”

“No Yoongi. You passed out and I fell asleep with you.” He nodded and once she closed the door he sighed of relief and started changing.

 He walked down the hall to Moon and Jungkook's room when the door opened. Moon was leaving and he just walked in. He passed and didn't look at her. He wanted to but was nervous.

 She left and he started waking up Jungkook. When he woke up he motioned for him to come with him to the bathroom.

“Hyung-” he yawned “what's up?”

“Jungkook you're close to Moon right?” He was being blunt and quick.

“Yeah? Why?” He asked leaning on the wall crossing his arms.

“Is she dating that Seo Joon guy?” Jungkook was shocked.

“Her bodyguard? No. She doesn't date people who work for her hyung. Why?” Smart boy.

“Thanks Kookie. Get ready we need to eat.” He left Jungshook in the bathroom as he made his way downstairs.

He hit the dinning area and saw Moon talking to Seo Joon, but someone had his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Who the fuck is this guy?

Y/N’s Pov:

 You had seen the guy who was there when your dad had died on your first mission. He had been questioned but said he saw nothing and they when he chased after the guy but he was already gone. About a month after he decided to move to America and finish up here.

“Well well well looks like you're a stylist now.”he said walking the three of you away from the boys.

“Sojung, what are you doing here?” You asked crossing your arms. He let my dad die of course I had a grudge not to mention he flirted with me right in front of my dad, talk about no respect.

“Dang babe no nice to see you, no hug, no welcome back kiss?” Babe?!? That stupid name again.

“Oh I'll let my foot kiss your balls.” Seo Joon grabbed you arm. “You work here?”

“On a mission, nothing special.” He looked over at the entrance then back at you then placing his arm around your shoulder. “Why don't we catch up Moon?”

“We’re both on missions aren't we?” You said giving him a fake smile.

“Can't I talk to my girlfriend?” He said that last word a little louder and you could see what he was trying to pull. “What do say Moon?”

“Fine” you rolled your eyes and turned around to find Yoongi. “Why don't we catch up here just farther away so no one can hear us, and you know only see us?”

“Cute babe. Sure.” He took you by the hand you left Seo Joon and sat on the far end of the dining room. “Those boys seem to be interesting babe, better not be crushing on them.”

“They're my clients I'm protecting them genius.” You looked over at them not turning your head, Yoongi was staring you two down and Sojung knew what you were doing. “Why are you really here?”

“You're in the books here, how could I not come see you baby.” You rolled your eyes. “Moon I'm serious I do miss you.”

“I don't. I've changed since that mission So Jung just accept the fact that I've moved on from that and you.” He looked mad. You stood up and started walking to the guys and Bangtang.  

“You're still my girl Moon!” He yelled running after you causing everyone to look.

“Actually.” You grabbed Seo Joon pulling him up by his collar to you. “I'm his.” You kissed his cheek as he snaked his arm around your waist. “Bye So Jung.”

 He stormed off, when you turned around all of Bangtang and The guys were staring. Yoongi looked pissed, Bangtang and Hyungsik shock, and Seo Joon confused and dazed.

 You sat down on Seo Joons lap, Yoongi stood up and walked out. It hurt seeing him leave but what could you do. Jungkook came down and saw you in Seo Joons lap and followed Yoongi out.

“I knew they were a thing.” Tae said and Jimin punched him in the arm.

“We’re not a thing.” You said getting off Seo Joons lap. “That old idol I used to work for.”

“He likes you?” Jin asked mouth half full.

“Yeah, the only way he'd leave is if I pulled something like that...sorry by the way. I didn't think he'd be at this hotel.”

“Don't worry about it.” Namjoon said then whispered something in Tae’s ear having him leave.

 You sat with the guys and ate before heading back to the room to get ready for their last day off for a while. Jungkook was ready and you talked to him while Seo Joon and Hyungsik went downstairs.

“So he was one of your old partners? Why is he here and not Korea?” He asked sitting on the bed while you did your makeup.

“I'm not sure why he's here in LA, he was dispatched to Florida. Either way to answer your question yes he's an old partner and no, we were never a thing. I've never had a boyfriend.” You said finishing up.

“What? You've never had a boyfriend before?” You shook your head.

“I grew up with a father in the FBI and went to an all girl school till high school then was put into training with my dad.” He was shocked, most people usually are though. “I think the closest I had to a boyfriend was So Jung, but even then my feelings for him were the same.”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“To me he was just I don't know I don't like him like that he just he acted like Hyungsik but he wasn't joking. Hyungsik always jokes about me liking him but So Jung tried to make others think I was actually dating him.” Jungkook looked a little mad.

“So he forced himself on you?” You nodded. “Then when your dad died he disappeared and years later he's back during one your missions? Something's not right about that.”

“It's fine, we’re only gonna be here a little less than a week. I'll be around you guys the whole time anyway.” He smiled. “Now let's go. They're waiting.”

 The day was a lot like yesterday the only difference was Yoongi yes he ignored me...but for some reason it felt like I was pushed to do more for bts including Yoongi.

 Once we got back we relaxed at the hotel Yoongi fell asleep,Jin and Namjoon ate, Tae and Jimin came over to hang with Jungkook and Hyungsik. Seo Joon and I walked to the nearby coffee shop.

“What do you think's going to happen tomorrow?” Seo Joon asked sitting down with both of our coffees.

“I'm not sure, there haven't been any indication that anything's gonna happen, what if this was just another bust case?” You asked.

“No way. Their manager was so worried. Maybe they wanted to do it before the tour and don't know what to do.” You nodded. “So...So Jung seemed pretty mad, why'd you use me as your boyfriend?”

“Because if I used someone from Bangtang I'd shock them more and he wouldn't believe me.” You looked down at your coffee. “I don't think the members would like the idea of me being there “girlfriend” anyway.”

“No way that Jungkook kid is madly in love with you.” He said drinking his coffee.

“I know, but he's a good kid that I wouldn't want to mess him up.” You took a deep breath. “This tour with be pretty long anyway, we might as well get close with them till something happens, right?”

“Yeah I guess. Make it less noticeable we’re not really supposed to be here.” He looked at you and smiled. “But you really did bumped it up by making them clothes and finding new makeup ideas.”

“Haha being a stylist is kinda fun…” you smiled to yourself.

“It's fun playing stylist for a while, huh?” You turned around and you were shocked on who you saw standing in front of you.

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