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Apple.B debuted this week with their cute and bubbly track WooChuChu and I absolutely love this. The song is and music video are upbeat and cute and so realtable. (At least I could relate to it). They are also under the same label as boy group B.I.G and girl group TINT.

You can find them here:
Facebook: Apple.B
Twitter: Apple.B

Get to know the members:

Yoo Ji

Leader and also former KARA Project member.
Real Name: Son Yoo Ji
Birthdate: November 25, 1998.
Specialties: Belly Dance, Urban Dance, Athletics

Yoo Rim

Meet the eldest unnie and sub-vocalist.
Real Name: Park Yoo Rim
Birthdate: April 13, 1998
Specialties: Acting, Piano, Taekwondo


The rapper of the group
Real Name: Seo Minkyung
Birthdate: May 3, 1998
Specialties: Volleyball Referee, Flute, Oboe

Ha Eun

The lead vocalist
Real Name: Yoon Haeun
Birthdate: March 12, 1999
Specialties: Poppin dance, Music/Musical Jump Rope

Hyun Min

Maknae and main vocalist
Real Name: Park Hyunmin
Birthdate: October 14, 2001
Specialties: Singing, Guitar, Voice Imitations
What do you guys think of their debut song? Love it? Hate it? Not your style? Not really into girl groups? Let me know.

Another new girl group that I've gotten to love is P.O.P (pronounced pee oh pee). These girls debuted last week with their cute and catchy video game themed song and mv 'Catch You'. They are under the label DWM but I can't really find out much about the label except that they may be based in Brisbane, Australia....?

You can find them here:
Instagram: popofficial2017
Facebook: P.O.P_official

Get to know the members:

Hae Ri

The leader
Specialty: Claw Machine Game, Japanese, Mimicking
Hobby: Singing, Playing guitar
Interesting Fact: trained for 6 years

Ah Young

The oldest unnie
Specialty: Taekwondo, Exercise, Eating a lot


The second oldest
Nickname: Queen of reaction
Specialty: Singing


Nickname: Tteok (which means the rice cake in Korean)
Specialty: English
Interesting Facts: had lived in New Zealand for a while

Yeon Joo

Birthday: June 26th
Specialty: Singing, Vocal mimicry

Yeon Ha

Specialty: Dancing, Singing, Kyungsang-do province dialect
Position: Maknae
What do you think of these girls? Not your style? Love them already? Let me know below what you think of these two newly debuted girl groups.
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