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Deadpool - Who's F$%#@&% idea was to make me look like this!?!?!
Deapool - WHY THE HELL FOX!?!? I know i know this was a couple of years ago and now you have redeemed yourselfs..... BUT this will for ever haunt Me! YOU bastares made a horrible first impression of me to all my awesome fans out there! Making me look like FREAKEN BARAKA from Mortal kombat

And if you my friends don't know who that character is then look at the next picture *Facepalm*
Deadpool - All they were missing were the teeth cause they got every thing els the same!
Deadpool - This will haunt me until I die!...... Well if I die that is.
SCREW YOU FOX I will never forgive yooooouuuuuuuu!
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*pats the merc on the back and offers him some home made chimichangas* there there
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