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Hello everyone! Jiji here! Today I will giving you a couple facts about Gunmin, why I follow and love B.I.G and what my favorite MV is!
I already stated how I got into B.I.G on my intro card so if you wanna check that out, I will link you!
Some facts I found online were - His specialties are dancing and choreographing - He choreographed the dance for B.I.G’s 2nd single “준비됐나요” (“Are You Ready?”) -
My favorite MV is

I love the sound and style of this song and MV and that is why it is my fave! A close second was
I love B.I.G so much, it was kinda hard to pick just one absolute favorite!
Here is the intro card
Thank you for joining me! I hope you will join me next week!
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Great card jiji!