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I wanted to post a card for EXO's comeback but I know there will be at least a dozen or so made for them. So thank you to those that do. I love those boys, I am ecstatic to the core with the comeback. I was squealing like a 19 yrs old fan girl watching Ko Ko Bop. It was the first thing I watched when I woke up. Then I bought the album on iTunes. Just gotta wait for my hard copies to come in the mail next. Who bought all three??? Because I did!!

CORRECTION: It's out in theaters now. I'm sorry, I read somewhere it was coming out on August 2nd.

I found this on the Kris Wu Facebook page last night. I meant to post it then but I fell asleep.

I don't know how long I've waited for this to come out. The first time I had seen scenes from it, I wanted to see it. Then I learned Kris was in it, that made it even more special. It already premiered in L.A. yesterday. It will be out in theaters August 2nd.

Cast: (to name a few)
Kris Wu - Sergeant Neza (I like that)
Dane DeHaan - Valerian
Cara Delevingne - Laureline
Clive Owen - Commander Arün Filitt
Ethan Hawke -Jolly The Pimp
Rihanna - Bubble

Oh My God.... He's so good looking....
Good lawd yes!!!
I already wanted to see this but now I want to see it more
daddy af
I watched it today, it's really good. Kris' role is minor but he's like seen because he's like second in command. But it's still a great movie to watch.
omg rhi rhi and kris!!!