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~Watermelon Maknae Day~ BTOB- Try Not to Laugh Challenge
I do apologize in advance to anyone who may not find these funny, but I added these videos because they managed to make me laugh even though I was trying very very hard not to... The above one made me laugh at the four minute mark.

This one made me laugh at about 1:40. Just know, that the times get shorter and shorter because I am weak.

This one is more of a try not to fangirl challenge but you are also not allowed to laugh and darn it, I laughed before the first minute was even finished. Weak. I am weak.

This actually happens to be part one of the video above this one and I lasted until 1:35 without laughing. Again, this is mainly just a try not to fangirl kind of video, but there are always funny clips and darnit they got me. I hope that you all are having a good Tuesday night and that these videos manage to also make you all laugh <3

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They made me laugh
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girl i feel you. I loose right away because all i see if the video cover and im already on my knees laughing and crying
4 months ago·Reply
Lemon and I were just discussing how we can watch the same clips of BTOB doing weird/goofy stuff and still laugh every time. With these dorks, laughter is inevitable.
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