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Did you know that Jay Park subtitles his own music videos?

Did you know that Jay Park hates subtitling his own music videos?

Well, now you do.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the subtitles on Jay Park's most recent track:

Yep. 'wait for the English version..'
casual promo for sik-k ;)
and finally, love for the fans <3

To see for yourself watch it on YouTube and turn on captions!
I remember first seeing them in one of his mvs with ugly duck (I think that's who it was) and reading the subtitles not paying attention to the mv lol. When the other guy was rapping he wrote "Idk what he's saying" and that he was hot lol.
it was Duck. I laughed so hard at that
Haha I love reading his subtitles. I remember in the Drive mv one of the subtitles was "Sexy Gray English Time". Can't say that I disagree with him 😂
oh you think that trollin he the king of trolling cause we all thought he was in manila aingapore thwn he posts a IG story that he in NYC
Jay literally has the highest quality subs 😂😂