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3 Years Ago, Kpop Had an AMAZING Summer

Back in 2014, the kpop fandom was hit with jam after jam after jam.

Here's a taste:

B1A4 - Solo Day

Girl's Day - Darling

Infinite - Back

Sistar - Touch My Body

Block B - H.E.R

Jay Park - Nana

Hyuna - Red

JYJ - Backseat

and more!!

What was your favorite track?!

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Man those were the golden days
4 months agoReply
I remember when all these came out. I never had so many noise complaints then that year 馃槀
4 months agoReply
all of them but im a sucker for my first group ever..infinite
4 months agoReply
JYJ - Backseat is my favorite from all of these. I actually just found it a couple months ago but it's my type of jam. It's sexy and it's so addictive.
4 months agoReply
I'll have to say, Her 馃拑馃徑
4 months agoReply