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When the movie was over and they made their separate escapes, they met up at Sehun's car. They drove down to the river for a midnight stroll. Sehun and Jae went one way, while Xiumin, Chen, and Nari went the other way.

Chen and Xiumin walked on either side of Nari.

“I'll protect you.” Xiumin said, looping his arm with hers.

Chen whined, “Waaae… I'll protect you noona.” He looped his arm with her other arm.

She laughed looking at the both of them holding onto her. She kept her hands in her pockets. They chatted the whole way. At some point Chen had let go and was walking on his own, walking a little ways ahead of them.

She wondered if she had done or said something to make him move away. She knew she was giving them both her attention. Then she felt Xiumin’s hand inside her pocket. Their hands sitting back to back. She looked at him and he just smiled saying his hands were cold. When he removed his hand, she felt his fingertips glide against the back of her hand. It sent goosebumps up her arm.

Then he walked quicker and caught up to Chen, wrapping his arm around Chen's shoulders. They walked like that for a while, Nari couldn't help but notice how close they were. In a way, they looked like a couple. “No wonder fans ship them,” she watched them, admiring how well they looked together.

She watched them from where she walked a few feet behind them. Xiumin's arm went down around Chen's waist, his hand resting at that spot where most men put their hands when holding their woman. They stopped to look over the railing at the river below. Xiumin never removed his arm from Chen. Even when he moved to the other side, his arm was always around him. Chen turned around and waved at her to come over. She quickly went over and stood next to him.    

“Look” he said pointing down at the water.

There were ducks floating around.

Chen started quacking at them and laughed. Some of them responded making Xiumin laugh. Nari found it amusing.

When it was time go home, Nari jumped off with Jae at her apartment. Xiumin and Chen waited in the car while Sehun walked the noonas inside.

Chen had been wondering something and if it was what he thought it was, then he wasn't going to stand in his hyungs way. But it was already hurting his feelings thinking about it.

“Hyung.” He said trying to keep his voice from shaking.

Xiumin looked over at him, his head lolling in his direction, “What's up?”

“Do you like that noona?” Chen asked looking him in the eye.

Xiumin sat up straight, it was truth time, “I do.”

Chen nodded, “I understand.” He thought about the whole evening, he hung his head, “So then... I really wasn't supposed to be here.”

“What? What are you talking about? Even if I knew what was happening, I would’ve had you come anyway. I wouldn't leave you out.” He seen Chen's face turn grey in the dim streetlight, “Don't think that I'll leave you behind. Even if something happens between me and that girl, it's not going to come between us. Okay?” He lifted Chen's head, giving him a sweet smile.

But… Chen was already thinking about how it might go. He was going to lose his best friend.

(Sill keeping precious Suho safe)......ahhh Chen....poor baby....but I think Xiumin will still love you.
NUUUUUUUUU! CHEN YOU HAVE MEEEEE!!!! Don't cry!!! 🎶Baby don't cry~ tonight~🎶
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