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Even without wings you have managed to fly away from, so fast and so far. When you have gone to the world with no light and only darkness, please remember me as I am and not as I was. I will never forget the way you hold me, so tightly with your loving embrace that I will never get to feel again. I will never forget the ways you taught me to love myself and others atound me. The way you taught me live fast with no regrets and no one holding me back. I have so many regrets. So many that even I have lost count, so long ago. I only wish to have loved you more and to teach you about how cruel this world can be. I only wish for you to tell me that it will be okay, just one last time. I only wish, I could have loved you more. If you are somewhere up there, watching over me, please, tell yourself that none of my mistakes are yours.  Please watch me fly with my newly found wings and soar to you with open arms. Please watch me, even when I may not make the right decision. Please, for my heart, and yours, watch how I will accomplish all the things we thought were impossible. I'll make you proud and I'll do it loud. For you'll always be you, a loving, caring, compassionate, and full-hearted mom. Happy 10th anniversary, you'll always be in my heart, forever and always.