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Mnet MCountdown on 14 June 2012 is going to star Boyfriend, Wonder Girls and f(x). WOOT!!! I can't wait!!! I'm thinking of doing live recaps anyone interested??? Other stars include Cross Gene, Infinite, U-Kiss, MIB... but I'm most excited abt seeing Shin Won Hoo again kekeke LIVE RECAPS starting at 6pm (KST) i am so excited because today's line up features comeback performances by Boyfriend, Wonder GIrls and f(x)!!! YAAAY! Full line-up here: Baek Ji Young, Wonder Girls, U-KISS, f(x), INFINITE, G.NA, Kim JiSoo, Dal★shabet, BOYFRIEND, M.I.B, EXO-K, HELLOVENUS, A-JAX, VIXX, JUNIEL, Cross Gene dont forget to SHARE everyone! stay tuned at 6pm (KST)! I'll write as I watch so just refresh every 5 min or so. Please SHARE with all kpop fans! ======================================== HI EVERYONE!!! i'm here! just added some backstage pics for you before it starts. I'm sooo excited who do you think will win??? VIXX is first up - oh I have never heard them before actually. Hmmm very catchy song! and they are wearing fishnet jackets wahaha. Their song is called "Superhero" Current vote count: Wonder Girls is 7958, Infinite is 7561, G.Na got 7050 HelloVenus is up next!!! They're performing their song "Venus" KEKEKEKE they have hugeee bows on their waist. My friend is doing the dance moves next to me now wahahaha Ooh Kim Ji Soo is next he's one of the finalists of Superstar K. Wow his acoustic rendition is great i think i am in loveeee... This song is called "Vintage Man" AHHHH CROSS GENE CROSS GENE! they're singing La Di Da Di. ohhh they are so hot! Casper is always in the front how come Shin Won Ho isnt appearing in the camera :( wow I can hear the fans shouting nonstop. "You are killing me nowowowow" Performance overrrr. :( ohhh no they just announced that EXO-k cant make it today sniff. Juniel is next though! For those not in the know, she's a newcomer a solo singer who is kinda in the same genre as IU. She does the guitar thing too, and kinda has a little girl appeal. She started her career in Japan before Korea. oh sidenote it's actually the birthday of Tony (the MC) so they threw a surprise party for him. ohhh EXO-K is performing now! They're singing Mama. ooh love their dance moves super HAWT. sorry miscommunication today's their last performance after today they cant come on Mcountdown *sob* i love "mama" their dance moves are really explosive too. except for their very flashy outfits kekeke. MIB is singing "Only Hard for me" AJax is up next! Latest rankings: Wonder girls 9.2% (SMS vote) 8050 (total votes) Infinite 89.2% (SMS) 8047 (total) GNa 1.2% (SMS) 7080 (total) BOYFRIEND is next!!! They are singing a medley - now they're singing Love Style ooh it has a kinda psychedelic feel to it actually DalShabet is next they're singing "Mr Bang Bang" Next is U-Kiss! ooh now Baek Ji Yeon is singing "Good Boy". Infinite is up next singing 'The Chaser' i reallyyyy like this song! This song is currently #1 on the charts, they've actually won mcountdown the last 2 times... do u think they can win again today? G.Na is up next, singing "So Hot". ooh Wonder Girls is going to have a concert in Seoul 7 July. They're up next! Wonder Girls Comeback! They're singing "Like This" LOVE! OOH *drumrolls* f(x) is finally performing!!! They just sang Jetstar, now they're performing Electric Shock. Wow first time I am seeing them live. FINALLY... results... #1 for today is.... INFINITE!!!!!!!! Vote count below: Wonder Girls 8075 Infinite 8422 GNa 7091
check out f(x)'s teaser video for mcountdown here omo cant wait cant wait --
keke you are most welcome. Dont forget to SAVE THIS PAGE and come back at 6pm KST!!! ONLY 90 MINUTES TO GO!!!
PRADADRAMA!!! thanks for doing this!!! Guys you can share via the "f/t" button to all kpop fans. i am dyingggg to see this week's m!Countdown!!!