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Genre: Fluff, Romance, Eventual Smut probably/Light smut
Chapters: 3/?
Summary: Jungkook used to think the whole Butterflies in your Stomach thing was complete and utter bullshit until he met Kim Taehyung.
A/N: Fuckin Vkook, why do they mess me up so much

Back in the last chapter...

" So...Are we gonna watch something or are you actually going to give up my keys without a fight this time?"

" Oh hell no, we're watching Iron Man and you're not getting these until we do." He whipped out my keys and jingled them in front of me, but I found myself not even trying to get them back. I rather enjoyed the thought of a nice movie than going back home to do nothing.


" Come on you little shit, we're watching the second one."

" B-But-" Taehyung stumbled along, letting Jeongguk drag him to the next Iron Man, a trail of popcorn following behind them.

Jeongguk wouldn't admit it, but he found himself having more fun with Taehyung than he ever could have by himself or with anyone else.


Nobody's POV

Jeongguk used to get through his day by himself, never acknowledging anyone else's presence, never communicating with anyone else.

But now, he's found himself wearing pants and jackets with loose pockets, leaving his valuables out in the open, and looking away from them purposely, actually looking forward to discovering them to be stolen later and replaced with some kind of hint at where they were taken to.

But like, they could seriously be stolen by anyone. Jeongguk was probably kind of losing his mind a little.

And it was all Kim Taehyung's fault.


" So, where are you taking me today?"

" What? Not even gonna ask?" Taehyung looked shocked at his willingness to go with whatever it is he had planned today.

" Nope. Don't know, won't find out anyway until I do your dirty work first." Jeongguk shrugged.

" Aw, there's no fun in that." Taehyung pouted, crossing his arms and huffing in disappointment. " I didn't even get to tease you about the adorable baby picture you keep in your wallet."

" W-wait, you took my wallet?!" Jeongguk splutterd in realization, lunging towards Taehyung.

" Don't know, won't find out until you do my dirty work, right?" Taehyung shrugged, mimicking Jeongguk. He smirked, threw a wink in Jeongguk's directiong and scampered off, adding a skip to his step just to tease Jeongguk.

" You little shit." Jeongguk muttered under his breath, chasing after said little shit.


" I can't believe you just robbed me." Jeongguk sat across from Taehyung, sending him a glare while shoving a spoonful of his ice cream into his mouth.

" It was just ice cream." Taehyung shrugged, taking a spoonful of his own ice cream.

" You say that like you're the one who paid." Jeongguk mutterd bitterly.

" I did, though." Taehyung grinned, taking another bite of his ice cream.

" With my money. It took me a week to earn that, you know."

" Oh, don't be so cheap, Jeonggukie. Gotta spoil yourself from time to time, you know?" Taehyung chuckled, smiling with the spoon in his mouth.

" Then why did you get ice cream, too?"

" Didn't want you getting lonely, now did we?" Taehyung grinned, turning on his heel and walking away.

" Hey! Where are you going now?" Jeongguk hurried after him, careful not to drop his ice cream. " Give my wallet back, you little shit!"

" Ouch, I thought we were past the name calling, Kookie." Taehyung feinged hurt, even stumbling around a little too to add to the drama.

" Motherfuc-"

" Whoa, hey. Let's not bring out the big guns yet, Kookie." Taehyung grinned. " You'll get this back when you earn it, kay? And by earn it, I mean you have to play with me first!" Then he was throwing his empty ice cream cup away and taking off in the opposite direction.

Jeongguk was stunned for a moment but honestly what else did he expect? That being said, he took his sweet time finishing the rest of his ice cream before chasing after Taehyung.


" Don't laugh."

Jeon Jeongguk has never laughed. Ever. Definitely never because of somebody, that's for sure. But something about walking to the playground and finding Taehyung stuck in a tire swing, upside down was definitely worth a chuckle.

" Dude, how did you even do this?" Jeongguk didn't laugh. He swears he didn't. But then again, he's also never smiled for anyone before. And Taehyung definitely proved that one wrong already.

Taehyung didn't answer him.

" Well then, I guess maybe I should take advantage of this." Jeongguk smirked. Taehyung's eyes grew wide and he tried to stick his hands out to block him.

" No, no, no, wait-!" Jeongguk spun the tire swing around until the rope twisted, then he let go and watched the rope untwist itself, the tire swing spinning along with it.

" Jeongguk, you fucking twat!" Taehyung yelled as he spung with the swing, he was starting to get dizzy. " Get me out of here I'm going to fucking puke."

" Okay, but first." Jeongguk waited until the swing stopped twirling before snatching his wallet out of Taehyung's hand. " I'll be taking this."

" Okay, " Taehyung groaned. " Now get me out."

" Sorry buddy, time's up. I've done the dirty work, see ya." Jeongguk smirked before turning around and walking away.

" Wait! Wait!" Taehyung squirmed in the swing before falling out, muttering an "Ow, fuck." before stumbling after Jeongguk.

" Kookie!!!" He whined dramatically, swaying like a drunk. " How could you try to leave me like that?!"

" You're fine." Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

" But what if I wasn't?" Taehyung whined, gripping Jeongguk's arm.

" But you are." Jeongguk sighed, annoyed. Taehyung whined again, but suddenly stopped and pulled at Jeongguk's sleeve.

" This is a nice jacket. "

" No. Taehyung, I swear-"

" But Kookie..."

" Fucking no, Taehyung."

" But I'm col-"

" No! Taehyung, seriously I-" But Taehyung was already pulling him around and slipping the jacket on by the time Jeongguk swiveled back around to face him.

" Are you fucking..." Jeongguk almost hissed, his shirt was rumpled and his arms were exposed and getting cold from the sudden temperature change.

" I was cold..." Taehyung smirked, wrapping the jacket around him tighter.

" You know what? I'm not even gonna try." Jeongguk sighed, throwing his hands up and continuing his walk home.

" smells like you, Kookie. You smell good." Taehyung smiled, twirling around.

" Whatever." Jeongguk said in annoyance, but somehow Taehyung's words just seemed to make his night slightly better than it already was.

" So mean." Taehyung pouted.

" Aren't you gonna leave now?" Jeongguk said as if he were eager to get rid of him, but maybe a small part of him was hoping the elder would try to resist in some way.

" Aw, I thought we'd go back and hang out more." Taehyung sighed in disappointment. Jeongguk could have totally gone the whole night hanging out with Taehyung. But his cold personality just simply wouldn't allow it.

" No."

" Fine, you're no fun." Taehyung slouched in defeat before lightly slapping Jeongguk's shoulder. " Bye, Kookie! I'll look forward to playing with you tomorrow!"

Jeongguk flipped him off and he responded by blowing a kiss that almost, probably made Jeongguk's chest tighten a little. Maybe just a teensy tiny bit. Although he rolled his eyes and quickly tried to shoo Taehyung away, maybe he let a small smile slip while watching Taehyung skip away.

But he didn't have to know that.

A/N: Ahh, I haven't written in a while and I had the whole jacket stealing idea thing and I just HAD to write about it. Besides, you know that whole saying about first dates and stealing hoodies and jackets and stuff *wink wink* We all know Jeongguk's not getting that jacket back.

Sometimes I don't see when people ask for tags, for that I apologize but I try to add people as soon as I see them. And if I have any spelling errors or name changes that I should be aware of, please don't hesistate to let me know:
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