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Meet M.Ecstasy
Hey you guys meet M.Ecstasy. He is a 19 yr old L.A native. Below is his cover/remix of one of my favorite rap songs Eung Freestyle by Sik-K, DPR LIVE, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, and Flowsik.
I think M.Ecstasy has real talent and you guys should check him out on his YouTube channel. He has many more cover/remix and original songs.
Here is the original Eung Frestyle if you wanna listen to it again.
So what do you guys think of M.Ecstasy? Do you like?
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dude he killed it!!! 😍😍
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@KpopAddicted24 I know right. I fell in love at first listen
a month ago
whenever he gets the chance to make his own songs, i'll be right there to listen 😍😍
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