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Seems reasonable
We shouldn't have been there.
We eradicated sabertooths, mammoths, dire wolves and other megafauna with rocks and sticks, Now, with modern tech and what's to come, I'm not worried Charizards are real? I'll become a knight with a rocket launcher We domesticated animals, it's the same thing with these pokemon
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@Jojira Alright, I'll concede that one, but only until the point we understand and weaponize Psyonics, if there's anything we're good at, it's making weapons
minus the wars lol that would be amazing childhood wish has come true
so the first series begins right after a great war......and then we in real life create them and fight a great war and then end up finding a way to domesticate them. It sounds like we predicted our own past from our future inside of a game lol