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Having Jin as a husband... Sigh... Honestly, if I were to marry a BTS member, I'd pick Jin. Hands down. Bias wrecker takes the cake.

❀ His Personality ❀

He would be extremely caring, extremely funny, extremely awkward (in the best way.) Whenever you'd feel down, he'd do everything in his power to brighten up your day. How would he do that?
Jokes. Bad jokes. Jokes so bad and cliche that they're too hilarious not to laugh at.
(At least I think so, because I laugh at every frigging joke he tells. Even if I dont understand it.)

❀ His Voice ❀

His voice... His beautiful voice... He would sing to you if you asked. He would sing you to sleep if you needed it. His calming voice would just let your problems and worries just disappear in the moment.
His voice is too beautiful not to crave occasionally. ΰ²₯⌣ΰ²₯

❀ His Goofy Side ❀

For a 26 year old, he can sometimes act like a 5 year old. Like really. Out of no where, you would just see signs of him acting like a little kid, and you just can't help but laugh. Sometimes he would do it on purpose just to see your smile. ^^

❀ God In The Kitchen ❀

You would never cook, to put it bluntly. He wouldn't let you cook. He would cook for the two of you, not wanting to put you through the trouble of cooking over a hot stove.
Not only that, but he just wants to show off his cooking skills, loving and appreciating the compliments you'd give by his amazing cooking.

❀ He's Loyal ❀

If he says he loves you, he means it. He married you for a reason, not for fun. He'd do anything if it meant you'd be happy forever. He wouldn't look at other girls, he would get jealous if anyone looked at you, and he'd make sure your safe at all times.

❀ Overall ❀

He's respectful.

He's loyal.

He's caring.

He's funny.

He's beautiful.

Who else would be a better husband?? I'm honestly drawing a blank. ❀

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I hope I can find someone like him xD
Such a loveable dork. β™‘