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Who Is Your BTS Soulmate?!❤

Mine Is Jin❤ (Cries a Little cuz it's not Jimin) but at least its my Bias Wrecker xD

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{V} -

{W} - @whatamooy 

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Yoongi Oppa💜
4 months ago·Reply
I got do I know he's perfect for me?! well I just know our personalities would be great together
4 months ago·Reply
4 months ago
I got V... and I really wanted rap monster... Well taetae, it seems like you've done it again. Just like you always show up in my album photo cards lol
4 months ago·Reply
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@AimeBolanos seriously! V is my bias wrecker
4 months ago
Wow! I got my UB... this is a surprise!
4 months ago·Reply
Is this a dream... I GOT MY BIAS TAE!!!! 😍😍😍😍 I GOT 165 POINTS!!! I really thought I was about to get Jin or Jungkook, but oml this made me too happy. ╥﹏╥
4 months ago·Reply