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Let's talk about what I like about Wanna One's Kang Daniel.

First on my list is his dancing. I still don't know too much about Wanna One, but if they can all dance like Kang Daniel I'm going to be dead in no time.

I just cannot with him. He is just so sexy dancing and performing.
I love his smile and laugh too.
Such an adorable freaking smile.
His love for cats and animals in general is amazing and goes right to my heart.
There are also times when he seems so squishy and so goofy.
He just seems to be such a lighthearted and kind person all around.

Well there are my reasons why I like Kang Daniel. What do you like about Kang Daniel? Sound off in the comments!

he was a quick favorite and one of my few picks that made the final group! I'm excited to see him grow as an artist ^^
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Yes! he was another of my picks and he's close with Daniel. they are cute together
he looks soooo cute😍 I might just make him my bias😁
I definitely think he has stolen bias on my account. xD
Wow I don't know anything about them lol there still really new but thx to you I think I found a bias in the group now. Don't kill me anyone but why do I feel like he looks a bit like Suga no lie he does 😳 or maybe cuz they have taken pics in similar positions but yea to me he looks like him a lil which I don't mind but this boy is so cute in his own way I'm going to look them up I don't wanna look like an idiot at Kcon that is if I go
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Really well I hope it's on YouTube I will check them out