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You in your new bathing suit!

Jay- He's feeling you, eyeing from head to toe girl. You look so sexy in your black swim suit he can't take his eyes off you. He can't wait to get you wet and under the water.
Cha Cha- He's gonna need a drink, maybe two. It was a simple pool party and then you had to walk in looking all sexy. Now every dudes eyes are on you including him and he's just tryna find the right moment to swoop in and get to know you.
Ssam D & Gray- It's Kiseok's party but Gray is stealing all of your attention just so he can flirt with you. Your bright blue suit some how brought out the competition in both boys now it's time to see who will win.
Loco- You had some concerns about how you'd look because of your baby bump. You even refused to not go out but Loco convinced you to go. When you come out, he's blushing, gushing and just all out adoring how cute you look in the suit. He sees you as a little goddess, glowing and beautiful and shows you off like your his most prized possession. Loco is the type to adore you so much you never question yourself again.
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Aawwee, this is too cute!!! I feel like Loco would treat his girl like a princess
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Even in JesusWheresTheHolyWater mode he'll do that
Lmfaoo really cute. especially Locos... but that black swimsuit was banging though lol
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@BabydollBre Lmfaoo!! haha I would love to try.. my boobs would look good lmao 😂😂😂😂
filling or feeling? xD
fuck LMFAO I completely missed that