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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 11 18+
Taehyung drags himself towards the house. His heart drops as he thinks about the last time he left his room was promising Ali that he would return by midnight.

But then, when he got there his father had different plans for him. He threatened to kill her if he didn't obey his orders and focused securing trading deals with different clients. After all he had to pay for losing the box and not being able to successfully get rid of Ali.

His father was furious to see that his son came back begging him for a mere girl. A girl he kidnapped. A girl he was supposed to hate. A girl he was supposed to give in trade....

Taehyung tried to contact Raejin directly but he was unable to. So he called Kosai and asked him to tell Raejin about her sister.

I am sorry. I didn't keep my promise...

Taehyung walks in his house as Manti greets him. Asking about his dad.
"He won't be home....he is in France right now." He says looking around his eyes landing upstairs at his closed bedroom door.

I don't want to go in there...She is not there anymore....

Kosai walks up to him giving him a glass of water.

"Young Master, go to your room and rest" he says his eyes mixed with sadness and affirmation. As if ensuring him that everything will be okay.

"Don't come into my room until I say so. I am tired" He says looking at them his eyes red.
He drinks the water and drags himself upstairs.

At least she is safe with her sister now. I guess being with her was like only a dream. A dream that I have woken up from. To live in this cruel reality...This nightmare.....

He enters his room and walks straight to the bathroom. He doesn't bother to turn on any lights and turns on the shower. He sits on the marble floor with his clothes on as the water drenches him. He breaks down and cries.

"Tae...? Taehyung..? Is that you??" He opens his eyes hearing the voice, he sees small figure standing in front of him.

"Ali? What....are you doing here?" he says getting up.

"What? Are you fucking serious? You...you left me here...And now you are asking what am I doing here? She says trying to calm herself. She doesn't know if she should jump into his arms or hit him. She gathers her courage and asks again.

"What am I doing here? I should ask you this Kim Taehyung! How long has it been? Ah month! A fucking month! I have been in this dark room waiting for you.....suffocating to death!
And now, when you are here...You are asking me...what am I doing here?!!" Tears fall from her eyes and she clenches her fists.

Taehyung turns off the water and walks towards her, she backs up. She grabs her wrist and pulls her into a hug.

"Don't touch me!" Ali yells pushing him away. He cups her face in his hands trying to her face.
"No...I mean you were...I told Kosai to tell your sister to get you! Why didn't she! I told them to tell you I couldn't come back because...." He tries to explain.

"How much.... are you going to lie Kim Taehyung?! No one came!! NO.ONE! Every time I asked about you or my sister I was warned to be quiet and wait! Wait and act as if I never existed! As if I were a hidden pet! Don't fucking touch me!" She says pushing him away.

Filled with anger, he yells for Kosai.

Ali walks over and sits on the bed as the three figures rush into the room. Taehyung turns on the light. Ali yelps as the light hits her. She nor the others ever bothered to turn them on for a month. She looks down at the floor as her eyes get use to the light. She never dares to look up as she hears Taehyung demanding as to what happened.

"Sir, we had no choice!" Manti says. "Your father's...orders were to kill her as soon as you stepped out of the house. We had no choice but to pretend like we did. We...even had to send off other servants too. So it was only three of us."

"Young Master we know you are angry but....I couldn't call her sister because we both know your father would have known then. And we didn't want to risk anything unless you were by her side to protect her." Kosai said.

This time Hasomi steps in his head down but his voice firm. "Your father has cameras all of the common area of the house. We barely dodged them to bring her food. We had no choice! Otherwise why would we do that?!"

"You should have told me at least! The only....." Taehyung says kicking the lamp stand near him. Ali jumps at his action. Taehyung looks at her. Her dark circles, her gaunt face. All because he trusted his dad to fulfil his promise.

"The only reason why I agreed to stay there to work for him was because he promised he won't touch her! And if he was planning to do something like this why didn't you guys say anything!!" He yells again. He notices how Ali flinches because of his yells. He tries to calm himself down.

"We thought it would best if you found out when you came back. If you had known before, we all know how you would have reacted. Which would only guarantee one thing....and that would be that young lady's death!" Kosai says. He motions Manti to clean the mess of the broken lamp.

"Since now you are here, and she is secure with you. You can think of a way to safely get her back to her home. We have gotten reports her sister has been going crazy trying to find her. Make sure to be safe before anything...if possible try to resolve the issue between the two parties. Especially....If you want to be with this young lady."

"Sir, you have to be calm about this." Hasomi says. Manti comes back with a broom to clean the room and leaves. Taehyung motions the others to leave too.

Once again, they are alone.

Ali avoids looking at him and he quietly goes into his closet get his clothes and comes back.
"As...you can see...I thought you would be safe with your sister..." He tries to form words but is unable to.

"Just go take a shower Kim Taehyung..." Ali says firmly. His heart drops as he hears his full name instead of his nickname. He quietly goes into the bathroom to take a shower. Ali lays down on the bed.

Raejin is trying to find me....

What if they had just killed me?

But they didn't....they kept me safe. But they could have just told me the situation instead of keeping me like this for a month.

Taehyung comes out of the shower, drying his hair he looks at Ali sitting on his bed deep in thought. He thinks about how hard he tried to forget her thinking she would be safe with her sister and probably forgot about him too. He thought about how he drank himself to death every night to not long for her embrace, her soft voice, her everything.

But, she was here. All this time she waited in this room for the past 30 days. How hopeless she must have felt? Waiting every day in this dark room. He wanted to save her physically but instead he scared her mentally. A wound that is way worse than any.

And how the hell was he supposed to resolve the issue with her sister now? It's been a month and when she finds out how Ali spent the past month and now he wanted to be with her. She would fucking kill him on the spot. He takes a deep breath to push his thoughts aside and try to make the situation at hand better. He clears his throat which makes Ali jump, bringing her out of her thoughts. She looks at him. Her face is gaunt, dark circles prominent, and her face is pale.
She looks away, sinking more into the bed. He walks over to the other side of the bed and sits on the bed facing Ali. He takes her hands in his and tries to pull her into a hug. She tenses up refusing him, looking down.

He decides to move near and hugs her. As he rubs her back whispering apologizes repeatedly.
Finally, she relaxes in his embrace and hugs him back tightly.
"Do you think we will ever date like other couples our age?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like...you know an ordinary couple just like I see in school. They watch movies and are happy without a care in the world. Without thinking someone will get hurt or killed." Her voice cracks.
Taehyung stays quite, not knowing how to answer her. 

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