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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 12 18+
Namjoon sits at his desk trying to hack into the security systems of different places where Taehyung's family lived. Due to having their "business" grown in so many countries it was hard to look and hack each house they had looking for even the tiniest clues that might indicate Taehyung and Ali's location.
He takes a break after being in front of the computer for about 7 hours continuously to get some rest. He sits back and turns around on his chair looking around his house. It is empty and quite since Suzy is not here, again. Lately she has been going out a lot and coming in late trying to find more information on Taehyung and Ali. 
For the past week, he hasn't been able to even see her face. He misses her, this whole situation has taken over on all of their lives for the worst. He can't help but wish for all of this to be over so he can go back to his routine. He looks and his phone and opens his photo gallery and looks through photos of Suzy. Some smiling at him, some giving him an annoyed look.
Several pictures are taken without her knowledge. He always manages to take a picture when she is focused on work. Her concentrated look, her glasses her hair up in a ponytail with her bangs on her forehead. 
He remembers when he first met her. It was when the day Raejin and Yoongi had official agreement to start working together as a team. They had been "friends only" at that time. 
Since then, Namjoon oversaw hacking into security systems making sure they can avoid any trouble for supplying and making weaponry. 
While, Suzy was responsible for making connections with the clients and using her medical knowledge to make the deadliest gun powder and bullets. 
Yoongi and Raejin worked hand in hand with crafting, designing and testing weaponry to be as small and deadly as possible. Also, making sure the clients followed their signed contracts in terms of payment and information security.
If somehow their clients failed to follow through the regulations on the contract. That is when they would have missions with the rest of the team to either change their locations or in worst case scenario kill the other party that has leaked any information or exposed their identity.
Namjoon walks up to his bed and lays down, thinking about how he was mesmerized with Suzy when he first met her and still is. Her wavy black her and long legs attracted him instantly. 
Furthermore, was more amazed and how she looked good in such casual clothing. A simple white shirt and shorts with red converse. He remembered how he asked her out on the same day they met, making her surprised. 
But, she accepted saying she felt the same. He smiled recalling the beautiful memory of their first kiss in the car. They ended up doing much more in the car than kissing that day. And it was only their second date. They progressed a lot faster than their friends who took years to finally get over their pride and be together.
The memories made it even worse for him. He missed her, craved for her embrace, her touch. He just wanted to hold and kiss her again. He missed her scent, her laugh, the way her eyes looked at him. 
Sighing to himself he picks up the phone to call her. 
"Yes, Namjoon?" Suzy answers sounding rushed. 
"Babe...I was wondering if you would be back home early today..." He says regretting that he called her. She must have been busy. 
"Uhh I don't think so I am..." she gets cut off by a man's voice behind her. It sounds familiar to Namjoon but he can't tell who it is. 
"Ah...okay. Well I guess see you when you get home." He says.
"Yeah, bye babe" she quickly hangs up. 
Namjoon puts his phone on the table thinking of whose voice did he hear and why did it sound so familiar. He drifts off to sleep thinking about it hoping she is save. 
Suzy hangs up and looks around to see the man that called. 
"Do you know anything about where Teahyung should be?"
"No and I don't care" the man responds 
Suzy rolls her eyes and sighs. She needs to find more information on where Ali and Taehyung could be. It been a month. The more time it takes to find the them the longer she has to wait for things to go back to normal. 
The man in front of her gave her a packet. She takes it and opens it up. Her eyes widening at the what she sees.  The man smirks, winking at her. 
She is speechless. 
"Be on time and watch your back." He says in a serious tone and turns around to leave. 
"Are you fucking kidding me?" Is all she manages to whisper as she walks back to her car. 

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oh my who is it tho?
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keep reading and you will find out ;)
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