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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 13 18+

Yoongi was tired. Not only physically but mentally too. A month has passed and there were no clues to where Taehyung and Ali could have been. Namjoon and Suzy were still trying their best to find any kind of information on Ali. 

He looks at Raejin. She is wearing his shirt which looks like a dress on her pacing around the room to find God knows what. As forgetful and messy she is she won't be able to find it any time soon.
He has noticed how she has become more distant and serious than before. 

Although, she had always been a quite one, she still had bubbly side that she showed to people that were very close to her. It was one of the things that fascinated him about her. 
It was like the contrast of a day and night. 

She could be ruthless and as cold as ice when she dealt with strangers or enemies. 

But with people she cared about she was totally different, she joked around using sarcasm, laughed at the most inappropriate times, and smiled showing her dimples.
But now, she was losing all of that. She had been treating everyone coldly, including him. Blocking everything off and hiding her emotions. 

Her eyes lost the spark that they had before when she looked at him.
The look that he had worked so hard to see.
Three years to be exact. 
The look of trust, and warmth, the look of love. 
Now, it was going back to how it was when they first met. 

When she was attacked by the her previous "coworkers" on her boss's order because she failed to complete a mission. She was 16. He remembered seeing a tiny body in a dark street getting beat up. He was coming back from meeting Namjoon. 


7 Years Ago. 3:00 AM

Yoongi walks back from Namjoon's house to his. Grabbing his neck from tiredness. They had been working all night to create a plan for their newest mission. 

He hears noises from one of the alleys on the side. He stops and looks to see. He sees two shadows attacking another. The third figure being  a lot smaller compared to them. 
A first he ignores, but he couldn't help but noticed the long hair. 

At that moment he realized it was woman and decided to help.

The only sound that echoed in the was of hitting and cursing from the men. She never made a single noise or talked back. Probably, what pissed them off even more since they wanted her to respond to the pain she was given. 

"Excuse me. Where is the closet convenience store?" Yoongi said walking up to the guys.
"What? fuck off before you get killed!" One of the guys yelled. Kicking the girl in the stomach. 

"I am just asking for directions. Don't have to be so rude." Yoongi walks up closer to them and sees another one holding a knife. The broken dim lights in the streets are not helping either. 

"Listen kid, fuck off will ya? There is nothing to see here. Go ask someone else." One of them says putting his hand on Yoongi's shoulder. 

"Ehhhhh, how" He says casually, kicking the man in groin. The man yells in pain and falls as the other attacks him.

He earns the same kick repeatedly until he becomes unconscious. He walks up to the girl and tries to help her up. When he touches her back and waist as she grabs his shirt for support to stand up. He feels the shirt torn on both places that his hand touched her, blood streaming out. 

He realizes they slashed her with a knife. She stands up looking at him.

He hears something behind him but before he can react, she pulls him towards her, then slams him into the brick wall behind her.

"Oww! Fuck!" He grabs his elbow.

"What the fuck ?" He yells opening his eyes he looks at the girl standing in front him, her back facing him.

He looks over and sees one of her hands on the man's wrist and the other on the knife he was holding.

Blood drips from her hand.

She kicks the man in groin again, he falls to the ground taking the opportunity she forces the knife out of his hand and steps in his wrist. 

The man cries in pain laying down on the ground. Still standing on his wrist, she kicks him again on his face with her other foot. She takes out her phone from her pocket and pulls it apart and throws it on the ground. By this time, the man's wrist is crushed. She steps off and starts walking away. 

After a few steps, she turns back to look at Yoongi. 

"You plan to spend the night here or something?" She says her voice emotionless and firm yet still fairly light.

She starts walking again, leaving a trail of blood dripping from her hand.

Yoongi quietly follows her. His eyes on her small wounded hand.

As they walk to the main street, there is more light.

That is when he notices she is limping too.

Her shirt is torn barely covering her. Almost every part of body is somehow covered in a wound. The blood still drips from her hand.
He wonders how she is enduring it. 

He grabs her arm lightly and leads her inside a small playground. He makes her sit on one of the benches. He looks around to make sure no one is there. 

Then, takes off his jacket and covers her. She doesn't look up and wraps the jacket around her tightly. 

"Stay here, don't move. I am going to the pharmacy around the corner" He says.
She doesn't responds, silently staring at the ground.

He sighs and turns around running to the pharmacy.

He grabs whatever he can think of. Painkillers, cotton, bandages, some other meds.
The pharmacist looks at him suspiciously since he brings back a lot of bandages. 
"I am a boxer so I need it because I get hurt a lot" He blurts out.

The lady doesn't respond.

He looks around and notices some milk and a pack of bagel.

She could be hungry...
He tells the pharmacist to add the two items on the transaction too.

After completing the transaction, he walks back to where the girl was. 

She is sitting there just as he left her, but her eyes are closed.

He walks quietly near her and waves his hand in front of her face. She doesn't respond.
The fuck? Is she sleeping sitting up and bleeding like that!?

What kind of little monster.....

He sits near her and takes out the cotton and medicine , grabs her hand. And suddenly  is rewarded by a throat  grab. She opens her eyes and gasps, taking her hand away. 

"Sorry...I thought it was someone else. It was reflex" She says bowing apologetically. 
"It's...okay...I understand...I guess." Yoongi says touching his neck.

"You have quite a strong grip. Doesn't your hand hurt? Or anywhere else? You haven't said anything...."

She doesn't respond. But looks at him only. He notices her tiny frame and her curly hair messed up. Hair strands fall on her face, her lip is bleeding, cheek bruised.

He looks at her eyes, and notices her big pupils.

But the look in her eyes is what catches his attention the most.

They are cold, with no hint emotion or pain, as if they are dead.

As if she is  dead. 

He diverts his attention from her face and takes her hand cleaning the wound, bandaging it.
As he takes of the jacket and bandages her back and waist. He notices how stiff she is.

She doesn't move or say anything. Looking straight ahead.

He wonders if it all of this hurts her at all.

It looks like it doesn't or maybe she is good at controlling and hiding her pain.

Really good. 

Or maybe this nothing compared to the other pains she has endured.

He is curious and wants to ask but can't make himself to say a single word. After bandaging her he looks at her and tries to control his smile her body looks like a mummy. It makes him smile how funny she looks. 
He notices her eyes shifting towards him, giving him a bored look.

Shit I hope she didn't notice me smiling. She might think I am a creep!

She looks down at her body.
He hands her his jacket and she covers it around her tiny body tightly.

"Thanks...for you know helping and this too." She points to bandages.
"Will you walk with me back home? I will pay you back for buying this" 

"I will walk you back but you don't need to pay me for that." He says standing up, taking out the mild and bagel giving it to her.

She looks at him with a blank expression and takes it. She opens the milk carton and gulps down the milk.
He takes the bagel from her and opens the packet and gives it back.
Within two bites the bagel is gone.

She wipes her mouth, looking at his shocked expression.

"Why? Do you know me? Or is it because I look pitiful?"

"No...But.." he tries to think of a response.

"Alright, then that means I will pay you back. Come on" She responds and starts walking...limping slowly. 
He quietly follows her.

------FLASHBACK END-----------

"Have you seen my phone?" Raejin asks bringing Yoongi out of his thoughts. 
"I haven't. " he says. 
"Okay where the fuck is it?!"
She opens the side drawers and finds it.
"Finally!! Can you get ready? We have to go." She says looking at him.
"Ugggh What? Where? It's Saturday" He says lazily.
"Club. Jimin is coming to pick us up. So get ready."
His mind goes blank trying to process the words that just came out of her mouth.
First, he hates clubs.
Second, she hates clubs too because they both hate noisy places.

And third, it doesn't make sense to go clubbing when her sister has been missing for a month.
 She looks at him and catches on what he might be thinking. 

"I know what you are thinking, that is the last place I would ever want to go to. But today, I need to because I need noise around me. Noise that will numb my brain from thinking about things, and Ali, and how I want to kill Taehyung." She blurts out. 

"Or you can just talk to me about it instead of keeping it in." He suggests. "Plus there is no way I am getting up from this bed." 
"There is nothing to talk about. I am having stupid thoughts and it's not like you can stop them."
"I am not going." 
"Jimin is coming and if he or any other guy flirts I am not blocking them off." She tries to threaten him hoping it would work.
Yoongi laughs.
"Yeah, you do that." he says challenging her back.
She storms off to the closet as he closes his eyes. He is glad she has given up on the idea of going.
Yoongi hears her coming out and going into the bathroom and slamming the door. He doesn't bother to open his eyes.

When she comes out of the bathroom is a clicking sound in the room. Yoongi opens his eyes and looks at her.

She is wearing red dress wraped tightly around her body, her hair up in a bun showing her neck, and make up done. Her black leather jacket in her right hand.
The clicking sound is made by her black high heels. 
He thought she would give up but she didn't.
He is speechless, she is really going. The doorbell rings. 
"Oh, Jimin is here" she says gathering her things and walks out. He hears her talking to him as the front door of the house closes behind them. He sits up his mouth open in astonishment as hears the car drive off.
 How can he forget how stubborn sh can be?
  Jimin is coming and if he or any other guy flirts I am not blocking them off.
Jimin or
Any other guy flirts
I am not blocking them off.
I am not blocking them off.
"Ah FUCK ME!! GOD DAMN IT!!" he gets up and starts to get dressed. 
Jimin: " So you are telling me he didn't come with you even though you are dressed liked that?" 
You told him you would flirt around? But would you?"
"Fuck no! I was only saying that to him." 
"You think it will work? You sure?"
"Yep. 200% sure" 
"No he won't, he doesn't give a fuck and is lazy." Jimin replies.
"You wanna bet?" she says confidently
"How much?" Jimin asks. 
Raejin nods. 
"I know him that much." 


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