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Hello Blinks! It's Melissa with Black Rosé Wednesday! For this week's theme, we doing a Scenario which will lead to the contest that BlackPink is having. 'If you were friends with ____' Scenario.
If you were friends with Rosé, you could learn to play guitar. You both could have duets with her singing and you playing guitar. It would be so much fun.

If you were friends with Rosé. You could have amazing sleepovers. You could just camp out in the living room with over stuff pillows. You could stay up all night eating and laughing. Just basically have a good time with your friend Rosé.

Well that's all for this week's Black Rosé Wednesday! I hope you all enjoyed it. We are looking forward to seeing your scenarios "If you were friends with ___" Good luck everyone! The best scenario gets a prize and a day of their choice for their bias. Awesome prize for our winner.