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Is that V see? O:
Updated lolol @OtakuDemon10 xD ^
oooooh, now I see it! That must be "silhouette!" Doesn't quite look like V though... Might be, but I think it's someone entirely new... Contacts screen (not pictured here) looks like they could potentially add up to 4 new characters to interact with...
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@FileNotSaved I'm withholding judgment for now. I'm just mad cuz I wanted to find out when it happened... Also don't think I like a female Doctor right after Missy, you know? Feels weird, like Missy was reception a test or something... Ultimately not sure how I feel about it yet; depends on the execution, so I'll see when Christmas rolls around, I guess. What I'm angry about is it looks like we're done with Bill; I think she would have been a great transition companion, way better than Clara or Rose! I'll miss her... Hopefully we at least get some River action at some point; she did mention 12 reminded her of her 2nd wife!😉 Sorry about my colossal rambling; guess I actually have a lot of thoughts on the matter...😅
wait, where do you see V? Also mine just updated (I'm on android) and I got so excited when I saw MC gets a profile now!