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What's poppin Jimbo?

So I wrote the first chapter of this fanfic. This was the one I just thought up one day. Now I've noticed when cards are published sometimes the letters get cut off so if that happens in this card I hope you will still read be able to understand it. Also
. I
know my
nce exactly so just putting that out there. So here's chapter or part 1 of Dating A Beatboxer, are you ready? Are you ready? Yeeee!!! Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock. The clock ticks by slowly. I tap my fingers on the desk waiting for class to go by. "Can you stop?" I turn to my right and stop tapping the desk. It's Kelsey, Ms. Popular or as my friends and I like to call her Ms. Bitch. I know, not a very unique nickname but she hates it more than Skittle Tit. I gave that name to one of her friends, I don't know her real name and I'm not gonna ask, and her other friend Kristen doesn't have a nickname. Mostly because I have a small crush on her, even though she does hang out with Ms. Bitch and Skittle Tit she's nice to me. She's nice to everyone actually, she even has a boyfriend who is nice and is captain of the football team...or something like that I don't pay attention to other people's lives. Anyway, I don't understand why Kristen would want to be Kelsey's friend I mean Kelsey insults everyone, even Kristen, and they still call her Ms. Popular and act like they like her. Maybe it's because we're all afraid of her. I guess it's because Kristen has known Kelsey forever, they grew up together so Kristen feels like she has to stay with Kelsey. She wouldn't lose anything if she left her though, I mean Skittle Tit is closer to Kelsey than Kristen is. Well, Kelsey's dad is the principal so she'd probably find a way to get Kristen's boyfriend kicked off the football team. Sounds just like one of those cheesy teen movies. The ones where the ugly girl gets the popular guy but the popular guy is with the mean girl and after she finds out her boyfriend is hanging out with the ugly girl, kicks him off the football team or tries to ruin his life and anyone else who gets in the way or something. However the ugly girl in the movie is actually pretty. I am ugly, plus I don't want Mr. Popular, I don't even know who Mr. Popular is actually. I'd say my life is closer to Mean Girls
Kelsey is like 15 times worse than Regina George. "Ms. Park, is everything alright?" I turn my head to the front of the class and try to re focus. "Uhh..yeah, everything's fine. It's great just great." I give a slight smile. I can feel the class' eyes on me but I try to ignore them. "Ok, please try to pay attention. We all know how beautiful Kelsey is but please focus for the last 10 minutes of class." Now I can feel all eyes on me, even Kelsey. There's a few giggles and I can hear people whispering but I've already lowered my head. I can feel my face heat up, luckily all this hair covers my face so no one can see how red it is, thanks mom. When I think everyone has stopped looking at me I tilt my head up and turn to Kelsey who is staring at me like she's waiting for an apology. Oh right, of course. "Sorry." I whisper. She slowly turns her head back to the front of the class and starts smiling that nasty smiles she always makes when she gets her way. I swear I
to her everyday, it's not like I can control it, what is she trying to do, train it out of me? Good luck with that bitch. I look up at the clock again. Less than a minute left. I relax a little, I have art next which is my favorite class. I try my best to pay attention but I feel a pair of eyes on me, again. I ignore it and the bell rings. I try to get up but but I feel pressure on my shoulders. I look up to see Kelsey and her friends in front of my desk. So Skittle Tit was holding me down. Great, what did I do this time. "You need to knock it off it's annoying, you look like you're having a seizure." Shit, I mumble under my breath, I
been slapping my leg again. I let out a sigh and attempt to close my notebook but a hand slams down on it. I look at the hand and follow it with my eyes to the bitch it belongs to. "What do you want now?" I ask but interrupt her before she can speak, "oh right, an apology, or course because everything I do I need to apologize to you for. Well guess what? I'm done apologizing to you for something I
control and you know it." I stand up and pull my notebook out from under Kelsey's hand and shove it in my bag and walk towards the door. "Excuse you." I stop in the doorway. The teacher doesn't see this does she? Or maybe she does and just doesn't care. Yeah,
the only thing she cares about is her boyfriend. Well maybe she should stop caring about her boyfriend and start caring about fixing the hole in her marriage. Huh, ever think about that Lauren? I didn't- I quickly try to re focus on my situation. The three sets of heels clicking on the floor get louder, one sounds more like stomping. Have I
the Kraken? They stop right behind me. I let out a sigh and turn to them. "What?" I stare at Kelsey who seems to be the only one caring about getting an apology, Skittle Tit is drooling over the boys in the hallway and Kristen is looking at the floor. God she's so cute. "Ahem." I turn back to Kelsey. "I demand an
now." "Well guess what Cindy, you're not getting one." I watch as steam rises from her face..well almost. She gives me the eye and stands there looking uncomfortable..and insulted. No one has called her Cindy in years. "This isn't over," she says. I start to smile. "And if you think you
have to apologize to me anymore you're wrong." She storms out of the room with her friends behind her. Skittle Tit sticks her tongue out at me and Kristen smiles at me. Wait..Kristen smiled as me? D-does she like me? She can't, she has a boyfriend. Maybe it was my imagination. I wait til they disappear down the hallway then I step out into the hallway. Then I get pushed in front of the locker. I hear something fall to the ground but it seems as if time has slowed down. Like in those teen movies where the ugly girl meets the love of her life or whatever. I turn to see a group of boys running down the hallway. One of them slows down and turns to me and mouths the word sorry. I smile, what's this new feeling I feel? "Oooh, someone's in looove." I snap out of my fantasy and kneel down to pick up my notebook. I freak out a bit because when it fell it opened to the worst page it could've; a list of my ticks. I close the notebook and shove it in my bag..again. Is there a hole in my bag? Sure enough I can stick my arm right through the bottom. I guess I'll just carry it. Luckily there's only one pocket with the hole. I look up and smile at my friends Caitlyn and Dawn. "Looks like you should get another bag." Caitlyn says. "That's not important right now because Willow's in looove." "I am not," I say "cmon let's get to class before we're late." We walk down the hallway and up the stairs, I look back to where those boys were but
gone. And
the end of part 1 I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know what you think. Vingle crashed just before
could put in my
and now it's being slow again. I have no patience. So much
for people who can dish out cards daily. I have to ramble less cause I
want it to crash again but I'll try to get the next fanfic up as soon as I can. The next chapter might be a informative one explaining some of the words if you
understand and some other stuff. So now the fun part; Tagging my Jimbos: (lol, that's you guys, came up with this just the other day) @FileNotSaved @SweetDuella. (My senpai ;p) Thank you again for reading my card!
Sorry about all the spelling and words and sentences being cut off. I hope y'all can still read it and understand it, the important part got cut off, there is some language and since I'm not sure on the age of my audience I just wanted to let you guys know.
I loved it, I got a little confused at first when the words and sentences started getting cut off but I understood after I saw you comment. You must really like names begining with the letter "K" I like the name Skittle Tits as wellπŸ˜‚
@FileNotSaved yeah, sorry about all the words being cut off I guess Vingle hates me πŸ˜‚ I guess I kinda do like names that start with K, thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😁
Can you tag me in your story? @SerenaArthurs I really enjoyed it and don't wanna miss any of it. Thanks!!
Yes I will tag you, sorry about the super late reply :/