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Beautiful In Dallas!!😍❤

Omg!!! I still can't believe I saw Monsta X in Dallas last night! The concert was amazing!! The boys were amazing! My throat hurts from singing and yelling so much! This has honestly has to be one of the greatest concerts I have ever been too! My little sister doesn't really listen to kpop but now she is in love with Monsta X. She fell in love with Minhyuk. She was taking so many pictures of him with her phone. She was also freaking out on how fast Jooheon was rapping. Me and my sister both had an amazing time at the concert.
*I'm going to upload the videos to YouTube. But if you have the snow app add me so you can see the videos I posted on there. amberg171997 is my username. Excuse my screaming and singing in the videos*
I took over 200 pictures from the concert
here's a gif i made from one of the videos I took

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looks like it was a good crowd too. awesome. This brings back memories of seeing VIXX at that same center. feels.
wow that mbn to see VIXX in Dallas
I really want to see them tooo
Ik, the best concert ever ❤❤ I'm so proud of them
We took so many photos also. I haven't even gone.through all of ours.
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