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Hello! After that last cliffhanger, I am back to settle your curiosity (should you, in fact, actually be curious, lol). I don't have a lot to say on this chapter, so I hope you enjoy.
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: Contains mild language, blood, violence.
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 13
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Narrator POV
The air was forced out of Namjoon’s chest as someone violently bowled into him, ripping his fangs out of Sam’s throat. He thought they’d killed all of them, but apparently they’d missed one. But it would be up to Sam. Namjoon couldn’t fight anymore. His body hit the sidewalk facedown and he almost blacked out from the pain. He coughed up more blood and did his best to keep everything from coming out of the huge gash in his belly. The person turned him over just as violently. Namjoon pathetically tried to push the person away, his eyes refusing to focus.
He was hallucinating. In his hallucination, his friend was the one attacking him, his brother was the one about to tear Namjoon’s throat out with his bare hands. His hallucination had his hyung’s face, Yoongi’s face.
“Hyung,” he said feebly. The man stopped.
“N-Namjoon?” It even sounded like him. Namjoon’s head lolled to the side and he saw Sam stumble towards them, gun shakily raised, one hand clasped over the wound on her neck.
“Run,” Namjoon said, not even sure she could hear him. “Run.”
The hallucination followed his line of sight. “Sam…”
“Yoongi?” Sam responded, weakly. Then… it’s not a hallucination?
Yoongi looked between the two of them, unsure if his rage was going to kick back in with the realization that it had been Namjoon feeding off of her, or if it was going to go away completely because they were both bleeding out. His better side apparently won because he let go of Namjoon’s throat. Namjoon let out a pained groan when Yoongi got off. Yoongi looked back and forth between the two, unable to decide who he needed to help first.
“Help her,” Namjoon said without hesitation. “Help her,” he pleaded. Yoongi moved away from his wounded brother, standing up.
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi told Sam, “I thought he was attacking you. I’m sorry.” Her gun clattered to the ground and she swayed on her feet. Yoongi was next to her in a second. She looked ready to pass out; she’d lost a lot of blood, from her neck, a large wound on her abdomen, and a few smaller ones on her legs. He helped lay her down next to Namjoon. “What do I do?”
“Help Namjoon,” Sam said quietly. She couldn’t raise her voice.
“Close the wound,” Namjoon told him.
“Fangs. Inject it,” he pleaded. Yoongi’s eyes went wide. Namjoon was asking him to heal her neck wound with the vampiric healing enzyme. Yoongi was going to have to taste her blood. He was going to have to strengthen their bond. He was going to make it a thousand times more difficult for the three of them. But it would be worth it in the end, right? She needed to live. Vampire saliva contained an enzyme that healed wounds. But they could also inject it from small, hollow pathways in their fangs. The problem with that though was that too much of the enzyme could cause serious problems for the human injected with it. But it was also the only way to possibly close the wound quickly enough. Namjoon’s eyes pleaded with him.
“Damnit,” he cursed quietly. His eyes met Sam’s.
“Namjoon,” she mouthed.
“I’m sorry.” He lowered his face to her neck. The scent of her blood threatened to overwhelm him, but he fought it. He also fought the part of his brain the reminded him Namjoon had tasted her only seconds before. But there was no time for regrets or second guesses. His fangs descended and he plunged them into her throat, just outside of the jagged tears. Her body jerked weakly. His tongue laved along the wounds as he injected the enzyme into her neck. Her blood was intoxicating and he found himself drinking all the blood her wounds pumped out. The taste of her blood was sweet and familiar. He gripped her more tightly as he started to lose himself. Her body started shaking, the first stage of its reaction to the vampire healing enzyme.
“Yoongi…” her voice was almost too quiet to hear. He jerked away from her neck. “Help… Nam…” her eyes lost focus while her body kept shaking. Yoongi checked her pulse. It was weak but still there. Second stage. She was going to be in a lot of pain in a short time, but the wound would close. As long at the wound on her abdomen stayed the same, she would survive. She might not want to for a short time, but she would survive. Yoongi moved on to Namjoon.
“Hyung!” “Yoongi!” “Hyung!” He heard yelling from around the corner.
“Here!” he yelled back. “They’re over here!” He held pressure against Namjoon’s wound and Namjoon hissed in pain.
“Thank you… hyung…” and then he passed out. Yoongi heard feet pounding down the street.
“Holy shit!” Jungkook yelled, noticing the bodies in the street.
“They’re dead!” Yoongi yelled impatiently. “Don’t worry about them, just get over here before Namjoon dies as well!”
“Jesus,” Hoseok gasped, clasping his hand over his mouth.
“Don’t gawk!” Yoongi snapped. “Jungkook, get your ass over here and grab Namjoon. We need to take him back to the building. They have a ton of first aid and emergency stuff. Jin, carry Sam. Tae, call our enforcers and let them know what’s going on.”
“But… what is going on?”
“I don’t know,” Yoongi told him. “But just get them down here to the scene. They’ll take care of the investigation. Jimin, call your contacts and find out which human enforcers we can trust to call for the case.”
Jungkook picked up Namjoon and Jin picked up Sam.
“Yoongi, she feels like she’s seizing. What the hell happened?”
“I’ll tell you when we get there.” He got the alarm code from Hoseok and told him to stay with the younger ones for when the enforcers arrived. Yoongi raced to the building, punched in the code, cleared the nearest tables, and brought out every emergency kit he could find, breaking the lock on the fridge and pulling out a few bags of blood. Jin was better at the medical stuff and he should’ve been the one getting everything prepped, but Yoongi couldn’t be so close to Sam right now. The two carrying their friends were close behind him. They set the unconscious bodies on the table.
When Jin saw Yoongi’s mouth dripping blood, he slammed the younger one into the wall. “What the hell did you do?!”
“She was bleeding out, hyung,” he answered in a defeated voice. “Namjoon asked me to, begged me to. I had to do it or she probably would’ve died. If one of you had been there, I would’ve asked you to, but it was just me... And Namjoon asked me anyway.”
Jin let go of Yoongi. “Did you inject her?” Yoongi nodded. Jin’s lips pursed together. “Okay. You better be prepared.” Then he turned away, back to the ones on the table. Jin bound Namjoon’s abdomen as best he could and started an IV of blood while Jungkook poked a hole in one bag and started letting it drizzle down into Namjoon’s mouth. Though unconscious, Namjoon’s swallowed the blood and even started to seek it out. Jungkook made the hole bigger for him.
Everyone jumped in surprise when Sam’s body jerked, her back arching off the table. She started screaming even while her eyes stayed closed. Jin commanded Yoongi to take his place while Jin moved next to Sam. He sat on the table and tried to hold Sam still against him. Her poor body shook violently, spasming, curling, jerking. Her skin was hot to the touch.
Hot tears streamed down Yoongi’s face as he watched her. He wanted to suffer her pain for her. It had been said by those that experienced it and other pains that the level of pain was on par with childbirth, except it could spread out over the whole body depending on how much was injected. He also heard the pain was second only to the pain from a human becoming a vampire. It seemed too long when paramedics finally arrived.
Jin made them take care of Namjoon first since he was in more critical condition. The second set loaded up Sam while he explained what was happening. Jungkook went with Namjoon, Yoongi with Sam, and Jin rushed back to the others at the scene. The enforcers already had an idea as to what happened based on the situation. One of the vampires was still alive, barely, and unconscious. The gunshot in her leg was showing definitive signs of Sunlight poisoning. Paramedics loaded her up while injecting her with Moonlight. She was strapped down tight and two enforcers went with them.
When the human enforcers showed up, it turned into a mess. Only two equalists were on duty that shift and they came, but another set also came. The latter two were elitists and spent their time screaming at the vampire enforcers about not being notified earlier, especially considering one of their own was involved. The first two, Youngjae and Yugyeom, recognized Jin from a meeting they, and many others, had attended a month previous. They talked to Jin and the enforcers that weren’t being yelled at and were told the best guesses. They offered the guys a ride to the hospital, but Jin told them their cars were parked down the street. The screaming enforcers tried to stop them from leaving, but Yugyeom told the other enforcers that statements had been taken, etc. and that they were free to go.
“Do you think they’ll be ok?” Taehyung asked as he clung nervously to Jimin as they drove to the hospital.
“I don’t know,” Hoseok admitted. “Hyung knows more about what happened.” Jin was driving the other car so they couldn’t ask.
In a quiet voice, Jimin said, “Joonie-hyung didn’t look very good. And Jin-hyung said… he said Yoongi had injected Sam with our healing enzyme. He said she was having a severe reaction when the paramedics took her…”
“Why would he do that?” Taehyung asked. “She’s going to be in so much pain. And if hyung is already bonded to her, and there’s no way he didn’t taste her blood doing that, it could be… really bad.”
“Hyung said… hyung said that Namjoon begged Yoongi to do it.”
“Joon loves her,” Hoseok said cutting him off. “He loves her too much. Maybe she would’ve died without it, or maybe not. But he didn’t want to take a chance. He knew how much pain she’d be in, but he knew she wouldn’t die. He knew what kind of bond it might create between the two, but he just wanted her to live. Everything else could be dealt with after. Damn… I really hope they didn’t use Sunlight to cause all that mess.”
“It just depends on who the target was and whether not it was all planned or just opportunity.”
As far as they were concerned, it took far too long to get to the hospital. Jungkook had messaged them their location and the guys ran there after they parked. They found the two in the waiting area in front of the surgery center. Jungkook was pacing back and forth, his hands shaking, and blood all over his arms and front of his shirt. Yoongi was sitting in one of the chairs looking completely catatonic as he stared at his blood-covered hands.
“Kookie!” Taehyung yelled as he ran to him. They hugged fiercely and Taehyung started asking about the two. Yoongi didn’t seem to register anything around him. Jin directed the others to talk to the shaken Jungkook while Jin made his way over to the seat next to Yoongi. Yoongi still didn’t react.
“Yoongi,” Jin called gently. No reaction. Jin put his hands on Yoongi’s and Yoongi finally reacted. His head slowly turned away from his hands to face Jin.
“It’s my fault…” he choked out.
“Nothing’s your fault. You got there as fast as you—“
“I made it worse. I hurt Namjoon and I’m the one who tore open Sam’s throat.”
“W-What? What do you mean?”
“I… When I found them, all I could see was someone feeding on Sam, or that’s what I thought. But I couldn’t see their face. And his hair is so dark now…” His speech was slow, precise, and sounded void of emotion, but Jin knew he was just in shock. The others moved closer to the two to hear what happened. “I attacked without thinking and pounded Namjoon into the ground. If I hadn’t barely managed to get control, I could’ve killed him. He was already badly hurt and I… I made it worse. And Sam… I thought the person was feeding on her. If they were, they wouldn’t have had their fangs out, it wouldn’t have ripped her throat like that and I wouldn’t have had to inject her. Namjoon… wasn’t feeding on her, he was injecting her. He was trying to help her. And I almost killed both of them.” He buried his face in his hands, only adding to the blood already smeared on his face.
“Namjoon was feeding on her and injecting her at the same time,” Jin told him.
“How could you know that?” Jungkook asked in a shaky voice.
“There was a cut on her neck, a clean cut, just next to the tears. Knowing those two, Sam probably did it to force Namjoon to drink, to help him heal himself. At the same time he was drinking, he was probably injecting just a little bit to help her stomach wound and cut without overwhelming her system. Yoongi, you reacted the way any of us would’ve if we’d been there. Your guilt is just a lot more because of, well, the other things before. You weren’t trying to kill Namjoon, you weren’t trying to tie Sam to you, so stop feeling guilty about it.”
Yoongi snapped. He shot straight off his seat and turned to Jin. “How do you know?!” he screamed. “How do you know what I was thinking?! Maybe part of me wanted him dead, maybe I wanted to drink her blood, connect the two of us even more!” His eyes were wild. “Maybe I’m just a sick bastard who tried to kill one of his best friends out of pathetic jealousy and steal the girl for himself! How would you know?!”
“Because you’re tearing yourself up about it,” Jimin said matter-of-factly. “If you wanted to kill hyung, you would’ve. You had the chance. And if you didn’t feel so guilty about having to do what you did, then you wouldn’t be screaming like a madman. So just sit down and stop drowning in self-loathing. It’s not gonna help either of them.”
Yoongi’s legs buckled and Jin helped him sit. Without the others noticing he had even left, Taehyung pushed through to stand next to Yoongi with both hands full of washcloths. “Hyung, let’s get you washed up. I think you’ll feel better—“
“I’ll feel better if someone would just tell us they’re okay…” Yoongi said, his voice broken just like his spirit felt.
“You’re gonna scare people looking like that,” Hoseok said. “You too, Kookie. Let’s get you both washed up and see if we can get you one of those paper shirts.”
Jin, Taehyung, and Jimin took them to the bathroom to help them wash up while Hoseok stayed in the waiting room in case of any news. Yoongi had to be helped because he had trouble walking after the crazy sprinting he had done. He freaked out again in the bathroom when he saw himself covered in Namjoon and Sam’s blood, especially from the blood drying around his mouth. It took all four of them to calm him down and clean off the blood.
Youngjae and Yugyeom came and met Hoseok in the waiting room. They had to talk to Yoongi to get what little information he had about what had happened. They waited with them in the waiting area both as Sam’s friends and to protect the guys from the other enforcers who might decide to show up. It was a good thing they stayed because they ended up having to take care of a heated argument that broke out between those other human enforcers and the vampire enforcers that showed up at almost the same time.
Everything stopped when a doctor came out of the surgery area asking to speak to the family of the patient Sam Wester. After explaining who they were, the doctor told them what was going on. He explained that Sam’s neck wounds had already stopped bleeding and started healing by the time she came in. They decided to not do anything about the enzyme overdose because they said even with as much pain as she was in, it was doing a lot more good than harm. But they had to medically induce a coma to stop the thrashing and spasming in order to perform surgery.
They had to repair some damage to her organs where the gash in her stomach had been and she had a lot of internal bleeding, requiring a few transfusions, but the healing enzyme was already working on that. The doctor said that the only thing they would have to wait for was for the enzyme to finish being processed by her body so that they could take her out of her coma. As long as she woke up okay, she was expected to make a full and quick recovery, likely without any scars or later complications. Yoongi almost collapsed in relief when the doctor finished talking. Everyone sat together to wait for news on Namjoon.
Another half-hour later, a different doctor came out asking for Namjoon’s family. Another round of explaining who they were and the doctor was able to give them information. Namjoon’s wounds were a lot worse. Though vampires healed more quickly than humans, it still took time. And a vampire’s body broke down any extra healing enzyme in the system, so there was no way of speeding up his healing process. They were giving him blood both intravenously and orally in order give his body more energy to heal the severe wounds.
They’d had to perform initial surgery just to close up his wounds so he didn’t bleed to death while waiting for his body to heal itself. The most dangerous period had passed and the doctor said it looked like he would be okay after a few days and would fully recover in a week or so. The guys were so relieved that the two would be okay.
A nurse informed them of the room Sam was being moved to. They requested that she and Namjoon be allowed to share a room, but that was immediately shot down. The nurse said mixed gender rooms were not allowed. They asked to speak to a nurse who was a vampire so that they could explain Sam and Namjoon’s particular bonding situation. The second nurse acknowledged that bad things had happened before when bondmates were separated and recommended to the doctors that the two be allowed together. After a lot of discussion between the nurses, doctors, the guys, and the good enforcers, it was agreed that they would be put in the same room.
Because Namjoon was part of the government, and the people he knew, he was considered a VIP. An extra bed was rolled into the VIP room for when Namjoon moved out of recovery. The guys crashed on the couches. The steady beeping of Sam’s monitors helped them fall back into the sleep they had been woken out of just a few hours earlier. Everyone except Yoongi slept. He hadn’t even wanted to be in the same room, but Jin forced him. At first, he tried looking everywhere but in Sam’s direction, but now all he could do was stare at her. Her face was pale, sickly pale, and she was hooked up to so many IVs. Yoongi felt sick to his stomach.
When the staff brought Namjoon in, everyone woke up. Namjoon’s pallor matched Sam’s though he didn’t have as many IVs connected to him. The two were placed side by side. Yoongi stayed on the couch, unable to look at the two of them. After some time, the others went back to the couch to try to get some sleep again. Eventually, Yoongi fell into sleep as well.
The sound of Namjoon’s yelling woke them up several hours later.
“Sam! Sam! Please wake up, Sam! Please, please!” They flew off the couch to stop Namjoon who had already torn open his wounds again by sitting up and straining his body over the railing. He had managed to get enough of his body over the railing to grab Sam’s hand. It took all three of them to hold him back while Jin tried to talk to him.
“Namjoon—you—lay down. You have to—calm down! She’s okay!”
“If she’s okay, why doesn’t she wake up?! I was yelling and she still didn’t wake up.”
“She’s in a coma, Joon.”
Namjoon froze. “C-coma… why…? Is it… is it that bad?”
“No.” Taehyung sat on one side of him while Jungkook sat on the other. “It’s not from her injuries, it’s from medication. They had to put her in a coma so her body would stop jerking from the overdose while they did the surgery on her.”
“You don’t remember?” Hoseok asked. After they’d gotten Namjoon calmed down, Yoongi had backed off several steps.
“Noona was bleeding out,” Taehyung said. A light bulb went off for Namjoon.
“Hyung. Where’s Yoongi-hyung?” The guys moved aside so Namjoon could see him. Yoongi looked away. “Hyung… Please come here, hyung.” He held his hand out to the older one.
“Yoongi,” Jin called. Yoongi reluctantly shuffled towards the group. Namjoon grabbed Yoongi’s hand and pulled him down towards the bed and into a hug.
“Thank you, hyung,” Namjoon said, his voice cracking. “Thank you for saving her. I know—I know it’s going to be difficult with the three of us, but… we’ll figure it all out. You saved her, and that’s all that matters.” Yoongi held his free hand over his eyes as they teared up. “I’m forever grateful for what you did, hyung.”
“I did it for her. And I did it for me.” Namjoon hugged him tighter.
“N-no, I’m not.”
“Keep telling yourself that. But I know how you really are.”
A few hours after the nurses came to redress his wounds and take some of Sam’s blood, Sam’s doctor came in. Now that Namjoon was awake, he had called Granny and informed her of what happened. She’d been at Sam’s beside since she came.
“Most of the enzyme is out of her system and it’s safe to take her out of the coma now. She’s still going to be in some pain from it but—“
“Wouldn’t it be better to let it all get out of her system?” Granny asked worriedly.
“The longer we leave her in the coma, the greater the chance that something can go wrong. The brain is a tricky thing to mess with. It’ll be better to wake her up and give her pain meds than keep her like that.” Granny reluctantly agreed with the doctor and they took her off the medications for the coma.
Within minutes, Sam’s eyes were moving back and forth behind her eyelids. Only a minute after that, she started opening her eyes. Granny held one hand while Namjoon, who had been moved closer and had the railing put down, held her other.
“Nnnnaaamjooooon…” she slurred softly, still not fully cognizant.
“I’m here. I’m here, Sam.”
“Mm… Namjoon.”
“Is she okay?” Namjoon asked the doctor.
“The meds are pretty potent. It’ll take a couple minutes for her to get grounded in reality.”
“Yoongi,” she said next. Everyone turned to Yoongi; Namjoon felt his heart clench. “Help. Yoongi… help Namjoon.” Namjoon let out a quiet sigh of relief. “Help Namjoon. Yoongi…” She trailed off again and didn’t speak for another minute.
She suddenly inhaled sharply and jolted almost upright. Granny had to help her lie back down.
“Namjoon?” she cried out. “Where’s Namjoon?”
“I’m right here, babe.”
Sam’s head snapped to him and he saw her visibly relax. “Oppa.” She smiled with tears in her eyes.
“Hey there, feisty.”
So, some more normal action going on. Hope you enjoyed it. It'll be interesting to see the new problems that come up with Sam and Yoongi, don't you think? ;)

Also, it didn't seem like anyone cared one way or another regarding the mature scenes, so I may edit later, just to let you know.
Thank you all for reading. I hope to see you again for the next chapter.

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