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Since i had a bunch of free time on my hands this morning i decided to make this card for our newer ARMY fam as well as for everyone else to enjoy all over again. I have noticed a HUGE increase of new ARMY in the community and wanted to shine some light on these underrated live performance videos. ♡

1). Jimin Solo Dance Break (2013)

2). It's Tricky Cover (2014)

3.) Hypest Hype (2015)

4). Satoori Rap (2013)

5). SBS Opening (2013)

I hope you all enjoyed this card these are just few of the many live performances you should watch! :) Have a wonderful rest of your days ♡

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Oml, when you've already watched them but can't help but watch them again. 😂
5 months ago·Reply
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Like I can't help but just appreciate how Taehyung gets good screentime in these. ╥﹏╥
5 months ago
omo seen them all and over to many times. favorite out of all is the it's tricky
5 months ago·Reply
Haha same here !! And my mom loves that one ! 😄
5 months ago
freaked out at the tricky and hammer time 😶
5 months ago·Reply
Love it
5 months ago·Reply
I must be a bad fan because I have never seen any of these videos... granted I don't really watch live performances. But I love BTS for who they are. The videos were great and I can't believe I haven't watched these performances! And the tid bit of VIXX was nice.
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Thanks. <3
5 months ago