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Minseok loved how Jongdae smiled and how his eyes squinted. He loved how Jongdae laughed when he was being shy or mischievous with Chanyeol. He loved Jongdae because Jongdae was Jongdae and Jongdae takes care of him. He was there for him when he was going through a difficult time. When he felt like there was no end to his misery, Dae-yah was the light that showed him the way back.

Jongdae loved Minseok. He is most comfortable around Minseok. He could talk to him about anything and Minseok listened. Minseok once came to his rescue when he got caught in a sea of fans, they were pushing and pulling at him and had knocked him down on the ground. His Mini pushed through the fans, picked him up and carried him away. Even when he protested and told him to put him down, Minseok held him close and tight.

They thought the world of each other.

Best friends.

But today,

Chen sat across the table, feeling like a third wheel watching Xiumin enjoy the company of another. He felt a sting in his chest but he sipped his wine slowly hoping to drown it. He was ready to excuse himself and just take a taxi home. What was the point of him being there. Xiumin had asked him to come along because he needed the support. But from where he sat, they were getting along well.

This wasn't as fun as the other night. Chen was hating Jae at the moment for introducing them.

A roar of laughter came from the end of the table. That was it, he downed the rest of his wine fast.

“Hyung.” The only one who looked at him was Nari. Not the attention he was trying to get. She smiled at him so he smiled back. But Xuimin was busy chattering away, so he tried again, “Hyung.”

Xiumin was telling her a story that he didn't hear Chen until Nari said something. She looked from Xiumin to Chen. His smile was still lingering from what he was just saying when he looked over at him, realizing he was ignoring Chen, “I'm sorry… What's up, my Chen-chen”

Chen gave a little smile, “I'm going to take off. It's getting late for me.” he said.

Xiumin looked at his watch, “Wow, I didn't realize what time it was. I'll go with you.” He turned to Nari, “If that's okay with you.”

Nari looked at her phone, feeling a little disappointed, “Yeah sure, I need to get up early tomorrow.” She didn't have to but she figured Xiumin didn't want Chen going home by himself.

They all stood out on the sidewalk waiting for the taxis to arrive. One for them, one for her.

Nari turns to Xiumin, he was already gazing at her, “Oppa, I had a nice time tonight.” she says quietly.

“You did? I'm glad. Would you like to go out again? Maybe on Saturday?” He looked drowsy, his eyes blinking slowly.

“Maybe it is time to go home. You look so tired,” she said brushing her thumb across his forehead, pushing his bangs to the side, he shook his head to make then go back in place.

Chen had seen that and turned away. That stung, it stung a lot. He slowly walked away from them until he was practically standing several feet away.

The taxi came and Xiumin opened the door for her, she got in and he paid the driver, “I'll see you on Saturday, then?” He asked before closing the door. She nodded.

He waved as the taxi drove away.

Xiukitty seems a little clueless.
Oh my poor heart went out to Chen