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Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park since 1996, hung himself in the last few days. He was found today on July 20, 2017. Chester always struggled with drugs and alcohol among other mental issues such as depression and anxiety. But that is not what we remember him for. We remember him for what he shared. He shed his heart in the words he sang. He reimagined what rock could be and he created a new art that captured our souls and helped us grab on and let go and live free and never feel alone. Chester, wherever you are, the world did not deserve you and you did not deserve what the world did to you. We will keep you in our memories. We will hold you in our hearts. The impact you have had on the lives of millions will be your legacy and we will leave out all the rest. Every time I hear an ambulance I say this mantra: to those who lived, to those who died, and to those have been left behind. So this is to those who lived, this is to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain who have died, and this is to their wives and children and friends and family who have been left behind.
Thank you this. It was amazing what you said. I found out a day after and my heart sank. I really looked up to chester anf linkin park as a whole too. I grew up with thier music and bought all their albums. Waited for new releaswss. and this sadens me. i send him all the love and his family, and his fellow band mates
He was an amazing dude and the band was and is an inspiration and a light in the dark. We will keep him alive 🤘🏼
His music kept me strong 16 years ago, while I was standing up to my abusive stepfather for the first time in my life. Even though I was very much alone, I never felt alone. Hybrid Theory lyrics wrapped around me like a protective blanket, reminding me of what was worth fighting for and that if others could survive, so could I. He will be greatly missed!
This is what will keep him alive in our hearts. You will. You are what he stood for and what he hoped for and you are what he needs now. The tables have turned. Do him proud like it seems you already have
This breaks my heart, I've been listening to Linkin Park for 13 years now, since I was 3, and it hurts how much such a strong soul has hurt so much. Chester will never ever ever ever be forgotten.❤
So many people grew up with hearing his voice as a blanket to protect them and that is why we will never forget him. Thank you for sharing ❤️
I loved Linkin Park I'm sad to see him gone. Chester, I shall never forget you and the music you brought to the world....
when found out about this my heart just dropped. That was the saddest news I got that day. So played every other song by Linkin Park that day to remember him. 😢😢
I wonder if he knew that his music would continue on without him and because of him
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