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Hello ARMYs!!!

Anthony here bringing you this week's Bangtan's ARMY Weekly Suga card! This week's theme is Husband BTS!!
This is just my opinion of what he would be like as a husband. Let me know what you all think! Do you agree?? ^^
(I based this off of stuff he has said and him being a Pisces. ♡)
He'd be a hopeless romantic. Sincere and genuine in everything he said and did. Spoiling you constantly and making sure you knew just how much he loves you.
He would be very grabby. He wouldn't cuddle much but would constantly be touching you, grabbing you affectionately, making sure you were close to him.
Long nights just talking over a drink. He'd share all his thoughts and dreams with you and want to hear yours too. Plans for your future together.
He'd support your dreams and would help you acheive your own goals. And he'd make sure you know how proud he is to have you.
He'd work hard in the relationship. He'd take care of you when you are sick. Make sure house responsibilities were always split evenly. Bring you home gifts.
He'd work a LOT but he would always put you first and make time for you daily. Even on their tours when you can't go, he'd call you everyday. And he'd write songs for you.
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Dude omg I loved this so much thx for doing this it just made my day. Just got home from work feels good to be fangirling over this right now 😂😂😂💕💕😊
As a libra I am quite happy rn 😂😂😂
Can I have this please!
This is so adorable❤️ it's all I want in a relationship. Just someone that will take the time to show how much they care and tell me everything while I do the same. This is what I mean when I say I want trust and respect. That's it. I see all these comments saying what there signs are and I'm like "I'm a Cancer so, your not the only one." Who ever his future love is must be lucky and better appreciate him. I'm not one to say " he's mine " and stuff like that; we all love Suga❤️ that's what I have to say.
Oh my heart!! This was well done. Not only will Yoongi be a wonderful husband but he'll also make a great dad. I really appreciate the light you've shown him in. He usually gets the short end of the relationship stick in fan fic and painted as a cheater or incapable of showing emotions and keeping up a relationship. We know Yoongi is a sweetheart and very caring, sometimes overcome with emotion. I'm really grateful you showed this side of him.
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That's a really good idea. I've always thought that about his father too. He's going to be very nurturing to the family he creates because he won't want it to be like how it was when he was raised.